Driftaway Coffee Honduras Copan La Unica Blend Review


Bryan Huynh

on June 12, 2024

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Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable trip! The Honduras Copan La Unica Blend from Driftaway Coffee is a symphony of flavors that will stimulate your senses. Allow the smooth, medium-bodied profile to dance throughout your tongue as you take your first sip, revealing the inviting flavors of velvety chocolate, toasted nuts, and a hint of fruity sweetness. It's a flavor-filled roller coaster that will leave you wanting more. 

I had the pleasure of trying Driftaway Coffee's Honduras Copan La Unica Blend. As an avid coffee connoisseur, I'm always on the lookout for unique and exceptional brews that transport me to distant coffee-growing regions. Driftaway Coffee has built a stellar reputation for their commitment to sourcing the finest beans and creating captivating blends, and I couldn't wait to try their offering from Honduras.

Join me as we delve into the sensory journey, exploring the origins, aromas, flavors, and overall experience of the Honduras Copan La Unica Blend. Grab your favorite mug and continue reading below to see if this blend should join your coffee collection! Check out our Coffee Clubs page to compare and read reviews of our favorite coffee clubs!


Driftaway Coffee is a highly regarded specialty coffee company that has been making waves in the industry since its establishment. Founded in 2014 by Anu and Suyog Mody, Driftaway Coffee was created out of a shared passion for great coffee and a desire to create a unique coffee experience for enthusiasts.

What sets Driftaway Coffee apart is their emphasis on sourcing high-quality beans directly from farmers around the world. They believe in forging direct relationships with farmers and paying them fair prices for their exceptional crops. By working closely with farmers and cooperatives, Driftaway Coffee ensures that their beans are ethically and sustainably grown.

One of the standout features of Driftaway Coffee is their personalized subscription service. They offer a "coffee tasting kit" to their customers, which includes four distinct coffees from different regions. Upon tasting each coffee, customers provide feedback to Driftaway Coffee, allowing them to curate future shipments that align with individual taste preferences. This approach not only showcases the diversity of coffee flavors but also ensures that customers receive coffees tailored to their liking.

Driftaway Coffee takes pride in their commitment to transparency, as they provide detailed information about each coffee's origin, processing methods, and flavor profiles. This transparency allows customers to learn about the journey their coffee takes from farm to cup and fosters a deeper appreciation for the craft and artistry behind each brew.

With their dedication to quality, sustainability, and personalized experiences, Driftaway Coffee has earned a loyal following of coffee enthusiasts who eagerly await each shipment to embark on a flavorful adventure in their own homes.


The Driftaway Coffee Honduras Copan La Unica Blend is a captivating coffee that takes you on a journey to the renowned Copan region in Honduras. Sourced directly from farmers in this area, the beans represent the exceptional quality and distinct flavors for which this region is celebrated. The Copan region, nestled in the western part of Honduras, is known for its fertile soil and ideal climate for coffee cultivation. The combination of rich volcanic soil, high altitude, and cool temperatures contributes to the unique flavors that are characteristic of coffees from this region.

The beans used in the Honduras Copan La Unica Blend undergo a washing processing to bring out their full potential. This attention to detail ensures that the final cup of coffee is a true representation of the region's unique characteristics. The blend incorporates the Parainema varietal, known for its disease resistance and exceptional cup quality, and brings its own distinct characteristics to the blend. It contributes to a cup of coffee that is vibrant, with a bright acidity and a pronounced sweetness. 

Driftaway Coffee expertly roasts the Honduras Copan La Unica Blend to showcase its flavors and aroma. The precise roasting process brings out the best qualities of the beans, striking a harmonious balance between acidity, sweetness, and body. The medium-dark roast level allows the flavors to shine through without overwhelming the cup, making it an approachable and enjoyable brew for a wide range of coffee enthusiasts.

Grown at high altitudes of 1,400 meters in the Copan region, the coffee beans in this blend benefit from the unique conditions found at elevated terrains. The specific elevation may vary depending on the farms and coffee lots selected, but the high altitude contributes to the beans' exceptional development of flavors and complexity.

When brewed, the Honduras Copan La Unica Blend offers a truly delightful experience. The cup boasts a nuanced combination of flavors, with tasting notes of brown sugar, malt, and toasted wheat taking the forefront, complemented by hints of chocolate and a subtle nuttiness. The coffee has a medium body and a velvety-smooth mouthfeel, inviting you to savor each sip.

Fun Fact: Honduras had surpassed Guatemala as the biggest coffee producer in Central America by 2011, establishing its status as the world's seventh-largest coffee producer.

Origin: Honduras Region: Copan Processing: Washed Varietal: Parainema Roast: Medium-dark Elevation: 1400 meters Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Malt, Toasted Wheat


  • Exceptional flavor profile with fruity, chocolate, and nutty notes
  • Ethically sourced beans from farmers, supporting fair prices and sustainable practices
  • Personalized subscription service for tailored coffee experiences
  • High-quality beans ensure a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee


  • Limited availability in certain locations or stores
  • Higher price compared to mass-market coffees
  • Flavor profile may not appeal to all taste preferences

Buying the Product

  1. Visit the official website: Go to the Driftaway Coffee website (www.driftaway.coffee) using your preferred web browser.
  2. Explore the options: Navigate to the "Shop" or "Blends" section of the website and browse through the available coffee options. Look for the "Honduras Copan La Unica Blend" among the selections.
  3. Select your preferred size and quantity: Choose the desired size of the coffee bag or the number of bags you wish to purchase. 
  4. Add to cart: Click on the "Add to Cart" button or a similar option to add the Honduras Copan La Unica Blend to your shopping cart.
  5. Review your order: Go to your shopping cart or checkout page to review the items you've added. Ensure that the quantity and size are correct before proceeding.
  6. Provide shipping information: Enter your shipping address and any necessary details to ensure accurate and prompt delivery. Check for any special instructions or requirements.
  7. Choose shipping method: Select your preferred shipping method from the available options. Consider factors like speed, cost, and any special shipping preferences you may have.
  8. Proceed to payment: Click on the "Proceed to Payment" or similar button to finalize your purchase. Follow the instructions to enter your payment information, which typically includes credit/debit card details or other accepted payment methods.
  9. Confirm your order: Review your order summary, including the products, shipping address, and payment details, to ensure accuracy. If everything is correct, proceed to confirm your order.
  10. Place your order: Click on the "Place Order" or similar button to complete your purchase. You may receive an order confirmation email with the details of your purchase.

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As an avid coffee enthusiast, I was eager to experience the results of brewing the Driftaway Coffee Honduras Copan La Unica Blend. The packaging itself exudes a sense of quality and care, with its appealing design and attention to detail. Upon opening the bag, a delightful aroma fills the air, enticing me with its inviting fragrance. As I brewed my first cup, I couldn't help but be captivated by the flavor profile. The Honduras Copan La Unica Blend offers a combination of flavors that truly impressed me. The fruity notes, reminiscent of berries and citrus, danced on my palate, creating a vibrant and lively taste experience. The chocolate undertones added a delightful richness, while the subtle nuttiness added a layer of complexity.

In terms of body and texture, the coffee had a medium body, providing a satisfying weight on the tongue without being too heavy. The velvety-smooth texture further enhanced the overall drinking experience, allowing the flavors to glide effortlessly across my palate.The acidity of the Honduras Copan La Unica Blend was well-balanced, adding a pleasant brightness to the cup without overpowering the other flavors. It contributed to a refreshing and invigorating sensation. As I savored each sip, I couldn't help but appreciate the coffee's finish. The flavors lingered gracefully, leaving a lasting impression on my taste buds. The finish was clean and satisfying, inviting me to take another sip.

Overall, brewing the Driftaway Coffee Honduras Copan La Unica Blend was a delightful experience. From its enticing packaging and captivating aroma to its complex flavor profile with fruity notes, chocolate undertones, and a well-balanced acidity, this blend truly exceeded my expectations. The medium body, smooth texture, and clean finish added to its appeal, making it a coffee I'll gladly return to time and time again.

I would say that the Honduras Copan La Unica Blend had a cupping score of 85.75/100. In accordance with the Total Score Quality Classification, it would be considered excellent, also known as a specialty coffee.

Cupping Scores

Published by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The Cupping Form allows you to note the following coffee flavor qualities: Fragrance/Aroma, Flavor, Aftertaste, Acidity, Body, Balance, Uniformity, Clean Cup, Sweetness, Defects, and Overall. These are evaluated on a 16-point scale indicating quality levels in quarter-point increments ranging from 6 to 9. To score your coffee, go through each specific flavor attribute and mark the points based on your own personal appraisal. 

Quality Scale

  • Good: 6-6:75
  • Very good: 7 - 7.75
  • Excellent: 8 - 8.75
  • Outstanding: 9 - 9.75

The Final Score is calculated by adding the individual scores for each of the key criteria in the "Total Score" box. Defects are then subtracted from the “Total Score” to arrive at a “Final Score.” The Scoring Key below has shown to be an effective technique to represent the range of coffee quality for the Final Score.

Total Score Quality Classification

  • Outstanding: 90-100
  • Excellent: 85-89.99
  • Very Good: 80-84.99
  • Good: <80

(Outstanding, excellent, and very good are considered Specialty coffee, while anything below that is not.)

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Driftaway Coffee Honduras Copan La Unica Blend is like taking a whirlwind journey through the coffee landscapes of Honduras. With its unique flavors, velvety texture, and lively acidity, this blend is a true coffee adventure in a cup. From the moment you open the bag and inhale its strong aroma, to the first sip that sits on your taste buds, you'll find yourself transported to a world of fruity delights, subtle chocolate undertones, and a touch of nutty magic. It's a flavor experience that will have you coming back for more.

Brewing the Honduras Copan La Unica Blend is like unlocking a treasure trove of taste, where each sip reveals a new layer of complexity and joy. It's the kind of coffee that makes you want to slow down, savor the moment, and let the flavors take you on a delicious adventure. So, whether you're an avid coffee connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates a great cup of joe, the Driftaway Coffee Honduras Copan La Unica Blend is a blend worth trying. Embrace the flavors, enjoy the journey, and let your taste buds dance. Cheers to delicious coffee and unforgettable moments!

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Bryan Huynh is a determined Product Tester & Writer. Being a coffee addict, it is only right that he mainly tests and reviews different coffee from around the world and coffee subscription services.