Driftaway Coffee Review

Waking up with a delicious cup of coffee is one of the best ways to start your morning. But when your coffee is unique, curated, and delivered straight to your door? Even better.  Enter Driftaway Coffee, a Brooklyn-based coffee subscription and delivery service that’s garnering a lot of attention and praise. Below, we break down everything you need to know about it. 

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What It Is

Driftaway is a subscription club that allows you to have access to single-origin, personalized coffee. It was created by co-owners Anu Menon and Suyog Mody, who began the coffee delivery service as a creative venture and eventually grew to a business that connects other coffee lovers to unique and delicious coffee grown by small farms all over the world. 

The company believes in individual farmers and long-term sustainability, even donating five cents per every pound sold, and receives the best beans from a variety of coffee farmers. It sources all of the coffee and roasts it through their roastery in Brooklyn before it is shipped, which ensures that it will be delivered to you fresh and ready to brew. 

Subscribing To Driftaway

Here’s how Driftaway works: when you subscribe, you’ll initially receive a coffee tasting kit with four two-ounce samples of different coffees from around the world and includes a variety of roasts that come in several categories: 

Trying a variety of coffee can help you find the flavors that you most enjoy and you can then choose preferred tasting notes so Driftaway can send you customized coffee deliveries in the future that match your personal preferences. 

For example, if you’re looking for a full-bodied dark roast with chocolate notes, you’ll receive coffees that fill in that checklist. 

These coffees are all single-origin and gourmet, and come from all over the world, including Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. 

Once you decide what flavors you prefer, you can rate them through your account on Driftaway’s easy-to-use website. There, you can make edits and schedule shipments (anywhere from a few months to a year), along with being able to send notes directly to the farmers growing your coffee.

Driftaway lets you choose the size of the bag (11-ounces and 16-ounces), shipping frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), and payment plan (pay per shipment or pay six months in advance, which saves you 15%). Driftaway also doesn’t charge any shipping fees. 

You receive your coffee in fresh and personalized packaging, and each delivery comes with a postcard that describes the coffee and its origins, allowing you to build a coffee card collection over time. 

You can order whole bean or pre-ground coffee to save you time at home. Bonus: each delivery comes with a description of the origin of the beans and information on the coffee farmer, which helps you cultivate a newfound appreciation for them. 

Updating your flavor profile is simple -- you only need to log into your member portal and update the taste profile. You can add flavor notes, body notes, acidity levels, and a rating for every coffee, and Driftaway won’t send you any coffee that is rated below 50 in your profile. 

Driftaway’s stylish coffee bag designs are inspired by vintage luggage tags and personalized: they include your name and information on the coffee’s origin and processing method, growing altitude, weight, roast date, and tasting notes from the roaster.

The bags are easy to open with its pull-tabs and perfect for keeping your coffee as fresh as possible, with its resealable plastic interior. 

Driftaway also offers a cold brew subscription -- perfect for summertime iced coffee. This subscription delivers an initial kit with three cold brew bags and a mesh bag to help you brew. (You simply need to add water to the coffee and steep for 16 hours in the fridge.) You’ll receive two to six cold brew bags with a variety of flavors depending on your ratings. 

Your initial shipment includes the following blends: 

You can rate the cold brews in your member portal under the cold brew profile and set up a shipping plan (once a week to once a month) and preferred size (7 to 20 cups per shipment).

Additionally, you have the option of a gift subscription for family and friends who are coffee lovers. You only need to set up the shipping details of how often (three months, six months, or annually) and how much coffee they’ll receive, along with whether they receive whole beans or coffee grounds. 



The Bottom Line

Driftaway is a unique service that allows you to try a sample of coffee before you buy, and even choose your ideal flavor notes through an easy-to-use member portal. It’s also a great gift option for family and friends since you can gift them anytime. 

We are a big fan of the personalized and stylish coffee bags and the ability to contact the coffee farmers.