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Welcome to the wonderful world of Verdant Tea's Shi Feng Longjing #43, a tea that offers an amazing sensory trip. This review delves into what makes this Longjing, or Dragonwell, tea unique in its category. Longjing #43, harvested from the famed Shi Feng mountains, is more than simply tea; it's a monument to history, workmanship, and the delicate balance of nature.

Longjing tea #43, a particular kind, is noted for its distinct properties. Each leaf is imbued with the essence of its pure surroundings after being grown in an environment that is a perfect symphony of climate, soil, and expert human touch. We shall discover the nuances of this tea's flavor, the subtleties of its aroma, and the rich history that has shaped its production as we explore it.

Join us as we explore Verdant Tea's Shi Feng Longjing #43, a tea that not only preserves the essence of the Longjing heritage but also provides a new viewpoint on what green tea may be. This article is intended to provide an overview of a genuinely outstanding tea, whether you are a seasoned tea expert or an inquisitive newbie. Check out our Tea Clubs page to compare and read more reviews of our favorite Tea clubs.


Embark on a journey into the verdant heart of China's tea culture with Verdant Tea's Shi Feng Longjing #43. This exquisite green tea, hailing from the renowned Shi Feng mountains, is steeped in a rich tapestry of history and tradition. Shi Feng, translating to 'Lion's Peak', is a region synonymous with the highest quality Longjing teas, and the #43 variety stands as a shining example of this legacy. This tea encapsulates the culmination of centuries-old tea cultivation methods, perfected by generations of skilled artisans. 

Verdant Tea, known for its commitment to quality and authenticity, has meticulously selected this variety for its distinctive character. Shi Feng Longjing #43 is celebrated for its delicate balance of flavors, embodying the nuanced craftsmanship that the region is famed for. This tea is not merely a beverage; it's a cultural artifact, a product of the harmonious interaction between nature's bounty and human ingenuity. In this review, we delve into the essence of what makes Shi Feng Longjing #43 a revered choice among tea enthusiasts, exploring its unique flavor profile, aroma, and the meticulous process that goes into its creation.

Why Choose Verdant Tea

In the world of tea, choosing Verdant Tea is synonymous with embarking on a journey of unparalleled quality and authenticity. Verdant Tea stands out in the crowded tea landscape for its unwavering commitment to bringing forth the finest, most genuine tea experiences. This commitment is rooted in their deep connections with small-scale tea farmers, ensuring that every leaf tells a story of tradition and meticulous craftsmanship. Verdant Tea's selection transcends the ordinary, offering a curated assortment of rare and artisanal teas, each with a distinct narrative and character. These are not just teas; they are cultural relics, steeped in ancient practices and local lore. 

The brand’s dedication to quality is palpable in every aspect, from the careful selection of leaves to the expert handling that preserves their intrinsic flavors and freshness. Verdant Tea also stands as an educator in the tea community, providing detailed tasting notes, brewing guides, and stories about the origins and artisans behind each tea. This approach not only enhances the drinking experience but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the art of tea. Additionally, their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing resonates with a growing audience who seeks not just exceptional taste but also integrity and responsibility in their choice of tea. In sum, choosing Verdant Tea is not merely a preference for exquisite flavors; it is an endorsement of quality, authenticity, and a sustainable, knowledgeable approach to the timeless art of tea.

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Li Xiaoping, a revered figure in the tea community and an award-winning cultivator, has skillfully planted the #43 varietal on her rugged mountain terrain to showcase its vivid, crisp character, a testament to her family's artisanal expertise. This varietal exudes tantalizing notes of sweet corn, prickly pear, lemongrass, and tulsi.

With over fifty years of experience, Li Xiaoping has earned acclaim for producing authentic Dragonwell tea in the small, highly sought-after Shi Feng (Lion’s Peak) micro-region. Her tea benefits from the nourishing touch of volcanic mountain springs and is cocooned under the shelter of bamboo and evergreens. Adhering to organic farming practices, each leaf is hand-picked and meticulously finished on a wok.

The #43 Dragonwell varietal is a result of fifty years of careful breeding and selection, tailored specifically to the unique terroir of Shi Feng. It thrives in cooler weather, budding earlier than the traditional Longjing Qunti varietal. This results in plumper, more vibrant yellow buds, perfect for an exquisite steeping experience in glassware. In contrast to the classic Dragonwell's focus on a rocky mineral texture, the #43 varietal offers a fresh, bright experience centered on robust flavor, aromatic intensity, and enhanced sweetness. Mrs. Li's #43 is an authentic representation of Shi Feng Dragonwell, cultivated on one of the highest slopes in the region, an area once praised by Emperor Qianlong as among the world's finest for tea cultivation. The soil, rich in quartz and white sand, coupled with the pristine mountain spring water, contributes to a flavor profile that is unparalleled and distinctly characteristic of the Shi Feng region.

Tasting Profile

Savory - Steamed bun, sweet corn

Spice - Galangal

Floral - Honey

Fruit - Prickly pear

Vegetal - Tulsi

Texture - Lingering, aromatic


The experience of brewing and savoring Verdant Tea's Shi Feng Longjing #43 is akin to a masterclass in the subtleties of green tea. The result of this indulgence is a multifaceted sensory journey. Upon brewing, this tea presents a visually stunning, luminous golden infusion that beckons with clarity and promise. The first sip reveals an exquisite tapestry of flavors - a harmonious blend of sweet corn and the gentle, fruity tang of prickly pear, seamlessly interwoven with the refreshing zing of lemongrass and the unique, herbaceous notes of tulsi.

This Longjing #43, with its crisp and clean profile, showcases a remarkable balance of robust flavors and delicate aromatics, distinguishing itself from its more traditional counterparts. The lingering aftertaste is a delightful dance of sweetness and vegetal freshness, a testament to the expert cultivation and processing by Li Xiaoping. Moreover, the tea’s ability to evolve and develop with each steeping is a testament to its quality and complexity. In essence, the act of brewing and drinking Verdant Tea's Shi Feng Longjing #43 is not just a beverage experience but a serene, contemplative journey through the rich tapestry of flavors that define the revered Shi Feng terroir

Bottom Line

To sum up, the Shi Feng Longjing #43 from Verdant Tea emerges as a sterling exemplar of tea craftsmanship, truly a gem among green teas. It captures the very soul of the Shi Feng region, presenting a deeply enriching and insightful sensory voyage. Each stage of its experience, from the initial allure of its bright golden hue to the complexity of its flavor spectrum, eloquently narrates the dedication, expertise, and heritage brought into its creation by Li Xiaoping.

The intricate fusion of flavors like sweet corn, prickly pear, lemongrass, and tulsi, combined with its crisp and invigorating finish, renders this tea a captivating delight for both newcomers and aficionados alike. It epitomizes how tea transcends being just a beverage to become an enlightening journey, opening vistas into the history, culture, and scenic splendor of the Shi Feng area. Ultimately, Shi Feng Longjing #43 from Verdant Tea transcends the ordinary, inviting one to engage in a moment of serenity and deep appreciation within the world of premium green tea.

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