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Atlas Coffee Guatemala Huehuetenango Blend

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on December 02, 2022

Atlas Coffee Guatemala Huehuetenango Blend

Have you ever tried the Guatemala Huehuetenango blend from Atlas Coffee Club? If not, put it at the top of your to-do list because the experience is divine. Honestly, we're baffled why more people aren't talking about this java amalgam — it is liquid ambrosia!

What Makes the Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee Blend Special?

As its name suggests, the blend hails from Guatemala's Huehuetenango region, one of the world's best places to grow java beans, thanks to its Goldilocks location for coffee plants.

Huehuetenango’s Ideal Coffee Growing Weather and Elevation

Huehuetenango's subtropical highland climate — with its warm summers and mild winters — is ideal for growing coffee plants. For 11 out of 12 months, the temperature rarely dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit; nor does it climb above 75. The one outlier is January, when the mercury occasionally drops to the high 40s at night. Ideal pluvial and soil conditions also contribute to Huehuetenango's perfect coffee cultivation conditions. And at 6,237 feet above sea level, Huehuetenango enjoys a fruitfully high elevation. Generally speaking, plants rooted above 5,000 feet thrive because they get the right amount of sun at the right times.

Smart Notes: A Bit of Guatemala Coffee Trivia

Interestingly, coffee plants are not native to Guatemala or any part of South, Central, or North America. In fact, all coffee plants are indigenous to tropical African regions, including Sudan and Ethiopia.Jesuit missionaries introduced the crop to Guatemala in the 1700s. Initially, they were brought in solely for aesthetic purposes. By the mid-1800s, however, the country needed a new export because its garment-dyeing industry had collapsed due to the invention of synthetic dyes. To make up for lost GDP, farmers began harvesting coffee plants. Today, Guatemala is one of the world's top 10 java-producing countries in terms of both quality and volume.

Check out the Atlas Coffee full line of coffee here. 

About Huehuetenango: The Ideal Place To Grow Coffee

Huehuetenango sits in Guatemala's western highlands — on terrain originally occupied by the Mam peoples. It's about 270 kilometers from Guatemala City, and locals call it "Huehue." Huehuetenango means "place of the ancestors" in the area's indigenous language, and many people of Mam descent still live in the region.Many coffee companies use beans from Huehuetenango. But in our travels, we've found that the Atlas Coffee Club's Guatemala Huehuetenango blend ranks among the most delicious.

Atlas Coffee’s Guatemala Huehuetenango Blend

Beans grown in Guatemala are full-bodied, robust, and moderately acidic. Atlas Coffee's Huehuetenango blend has noticeable cherry and chocolate notes, making it both a vibrant morning pick-me-up and nighttime dessert beverage.

What Is Atlas Coffee Club?

Atlas Coffee Club is on a mission to "explore the world one cup at a time." Atlas's subscription service sends members a new coffee from a different country each month. It's the perfect gift for people who want to:

  • Experience perfectly roasted, micro-lot coffees from around the world
  • Support local farmers and economies in developing countries
  • Learn more about how coffee grows, in addition to its history, traditions, and the current market

A passion project turned successful business, Atlas was started by two friends who loved traveling to far-off locales and drinking coffee. One worked in the corporate insurance world, and the other was a rocket scientist. But they followed their wanderlust, quit the proverbial rat race, and started Atlas Coffee Club.

How Does It Work?

It’s a snap to get started with the Atlas Coffee Club.

  • Step One: Head to the Atlas Coffee Club website and click on the subscription page.
  • Step Two: Scroll down to the options section and make your selections. You can choose the amount of coffee you’d like to receive each month, frequency, roast preference, and grind type.
  • Step Three: Enter your address and payment information.
  • Step Four: Sit back, relax, and wait for your box to arrive.
  • Step Five: Enjoy the delectable java from Atlas Coffee Club.

Every box includes curated bags of coffee, a regional postcard from the month's country, in addition to tasting and brewing notes. Options start as low as $9 a month, and participants can cancel at any time.

Why Choose Atlas Coffee Club?

The people behind Atlas Coffee Club are passionate about what they do and pour a lot of love and care into every box. Plus, they've created a fun community and regularly produce interesting, engaging, and educational content about cool people doing neat things while drinking coffee.So if you're in search of a special new java blend, sign up for Atlas to check out its offerings. Come for the coffee and stay for the community! Looking for another coffee club membership? We have a full list of reviews on the Favy site. 

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