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Atlas Coffee Costa Rica Palmares Blend

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on December 02, 2022

Atlas Coffee Costa Rica Palmares Blend 

Atlas Coffee Club is offering a fresh, new brew in the lineup of their subscription service, a Costa Rica Palmares blend. So far the buzz has been positive, but before you make a decision about whether or not you want to drink in the beauty of the hillsides of Costa Rica, it might help to know a little bit more about Atlas, their mission, their values, and their products.

Who is Atlas?

Have you ever wanted your own personal coffee guide to walk you through all the best flavors from around the world? That is Atlas Coffee Club. As an added benefit, you get to enjoy each and every exotic brew from the comfort of your own kitchen table, living room couch, or wherever you typically enjoy your coffee!

Atlas is a sustainable and ethically-sourced coffee subscription service that brings coffee from more than 50 countries (for example, Indonesia, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica) straight to your front door. If you consider yourself a seasoned coffee-lover or a brand-new coffee convert, you will be in heaven, getting to sample unique flavors and fantastic aromas that you otherwise would not have experienced. 

Plus Atlas allows you to set up a customized delivery schedule every two to four weeks. Think of it like this: They bring the world straight to you. Soon they will have you humming, "It's a Small World After All."

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Why Go With Atlas Coffee Club Service?

This curated monthly coffee service is truly special in that it really imparts the delicious nuances of these incredible countries and their regional flavors. 

As mentioned, it is also sustainable and ethical, meaning they pay their partners, local farmers, above fair-trade prices. This allows them to put money straight back into their farming, business endeavors, families, and communities. As an added perk, Atlas delivers your coffee subscription in gorgeous, culturally relevant bags that really reflect that country's views, heritage, cultures, vibrant textiles, and so much more. It is just one more way to put you in touch with people from all over the world. In many ways, it is an enormous privilege.

Note that regardless of the size of your order, you only pay a flat rate of $4.95. Plus you are able to cancel, skip, or adjust your delivery frequency whenever you want or need to. Cost is $9 for 6 ounces of coffee, $14 for 12 ounces of coffee, and $28 for 24 ounces of coffee. With each new delivery, you will also receive a postcard from the country of the coffee's origin and a list of expert brewing tips that will turn you into a coffee connoisseur. 

You will gain so much valuable knowledge about brewing coffee; for example, if you do not have a fancy, expensive espresso maker, Atlas will send you tips in a guide so you can make your own without a machine.In addition to an Atlas coffee subscription being a good gift to yourself (hello, self-care!), it also makes an excellent holiday or birthday gift for clients, co-workers, friends, and family – anyone with good taste and a craving for caffeine!

What Makes the Costa Rica Palmares Blend So Special?

The Costa Rica Palmares blend is a special coffee concoction, boasting a milk chocolate, black tea, and sweet cream flavor profile. It was originally planted in the late 1700s, making it the first Central American country with a coffee industry, and by the mid-1800s it started gaining worldwide popularity, notoriety, and acclaim.

This particular blend is filled with complexity that comes from the very specific growing conditions. The beans are harvested in the Palmares region at 1400 meters and sun-dried to perfection, both the weather (climate conditions) and the soil in which it is grown contribute to the quality of the final product, which is a strong, syrupy, subtly sweet chocolate taste.

Atlas considers this special Costa Rican Palmares blend a favorite of the company's. It is a blend of traditional flavors and other more unexpected notes and tastes. They feel confident when they say that this Costa Rican coffee will likely become a personal favorite in your household. If you normally drink one cup in the morning, expect to drink two. And if you're more of a five-times-a-day kind of coffee drinker, prepare yourself to go completely coffee crazy.

There is one last benefit to mention, and that is that if you consider yourself an Instagram coffee enthusiast who appreciates and celebrates beautiful aesthetics, know that this coffee bag is definitely Instagrammable, visually exciting, and colorful. It completely reflects the beauty of Costa Rica as a country. To drink and enjoy it will be a journey to the southern hemisphere. It is certainly worth a try – just keep in mind that you might get hooked.

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