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Atlas Coffee Honduras Ocotepeque Blend

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on December 02, 2022

Atlas Coffee Honduras Ocotepeque Blend 

To casual coffee drinkers, the name Atlas Coffee Club might not be familiar. But to anyone who enjoys a little adventure in their coffee cup each morning, Atlas Coffee is probably a daily enjoyment. Co-founded by Michael Shewmake and Jon Miller, Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription-based company, specializing in the sales and delivery of unique coffee blends from all over the world. 

Who is Atlas Coffee?

Atlas sources their coffee beans from 50 countries and has a wide variety of blends and roasts. Importing from places like Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Peru, Atlas Coffee provides a history for each country, as well as a tasting profile to give each coffee connoisseur an idea of what might be in store for them each month. In addition to providing some of the freshest, highest quality coffee, Atlas is always roasted to your preference. 

In addition to the convenience of a home delivery, another feature that makes Atlas Coffee Club stand out from others is their ability to provide coffee from all over the world, something you won't find in any old grocery store. Customers can expect not only a new, exciting coffee blend in their mailbox every month, but also a postcard from each new country as well as tasting notes and brewing tips for each batch. They also allow you to customize your monthly order, whether its opting for a half bag every 2 weeks or 2 bags every 4 weeks. 

Customers can choose from a light to medium roast or a medium to dark roast, as well as whether they would prefer whole beans or freshly ground. Freshness is guaranteed with every order and subscription cancellation is available at any time. 

Atlas Honduras Ocotepeque Blend

While Atlas Coffee Club certainly has a large selection of international coffees to choose from, it is arguably the Honduras Ocotepeque Blend that stands out. Named for the southwest corner of Honduras where it originates, the Ocotepeque Blend is a unique mix of flavors, combining a dark chocolate flavor with a hint of graham cracker. With the Ocotepeque region boasting a favorable climate with humid mornings and dry, hot afternoons, it's no wonder Honduras is known as one of the largest coffee producers in Latin America. 

The immense knowledge held by the locals helps to make this smooth blend of coffee an easy favorite. With a small population of only 15,000 people, Ocotepeque is a modest farm land full of farmers wanting to share the best of the coffee bounty with customers via Atlas Coffee Club.

Why We Love Atlas Coffee

Knowing the variety and vast options for purchasing coffee, one might wonder why they should choose Atlas Coffee. Atlas Coffee offers a wonderful selection, all from the comfort of your own home. With so many options for customization, whether it be size or roast, the Atlas Coffee Club website offers customers a little bit of everything and at a low monthly price. 

Two bags of specialty coffee only cost $28 a month, while the half bags, holding 6 ounces (or 15 cups) only cost $9 a month. Another great feature of the Atlas Coffee website is the ability to gift a coffee subscription. Customers can opt for a 6-month subscription or a 12 month subscription. Put simply, the mission of Atlas Coffee Club is to share the world of coffee and explore the world one cup at a time. Atlas works with a diverse group of contributors to ensure that they offer the most interesting selection and provide their customers with a unique experience each month. 

The Atlas Coffee Club website also offers helpful hints for brewing their monthly bounty at home, tips for using various coffee machines and makers, including step-by-step instructions for everything from using the french press to making espresso without an espresso machine. 

Another feature that makes Atlas stand out is their Tea of the Month club. Similar to the coffee of the month option, the Tea of the Month clubs offer customers a world tour of amazing and unique teas. Also similar to the coffee of the month, customers are able to sample teas from around the world, including Nepal, Japan and Indonesia. 

Each monthly box comes with a postcard from that month's country, flavor notes and steeping tips and all natural and recyclable tea filters. Customers can choose between caffeinated and decaffeinated teas and green or black teas. A mixture of green and black is also available. The Tea of the Month club comes at a bit of a lower cost than the Coffee of the Month, ringing in at a mere $4 a month, shipped directly to your home every 4 weeks. 


In conclusion, if you're the type who isn't afraid to try new things, needs something new to shake up your mornings or just wants to see what all the hype is about, Atlas Coffee Club is an inexpensive option for all budgets. Happy adventuring! 

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