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Andy Chang

April 06, 2024

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Our Top 5 Gift Picks


The Best Cat Hair Remover

ChomChom Lint Roller

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For Warm Fuzzies

Personalized Cat Blanket

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Keep The Couches New

Furniture Protectors

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Functional And Cute

Mug With Lid/Phone Stand

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Learn About Your Cat’s Breed & Health

Cat DNA Test

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Shopping for the cat lover in your life? Then look no further! Our gift guide has everything you need to satisfy every cat and cat lover.

There are people who have cats, and then there are "cat people". You know, the ones who have to buy extra cloud storage every month because little Loki has taken up an embarrassing amount of space. Whether that’s you, a friend, or a loved one, the list below has been curated by a self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady. There are a mix of practical and/or entertaining items that make awesome gifts.

I’ve broken down the gift guide into two categories: gifts for the humans, and gifts for the cats. In reality, the gifts will likely be appreciated by both parties. Including the box it comes in.

Best Gifts For Cat-Loving Humans

The Best Hair Remover Out There

As someone with two VERY furry cats, I’ve tried every single cat hair remover tool. Although I have a bunch I’ve tried and enjoyed, this one is my favorite. Some are tools that are aggressively sharp, and the traditional lint rollers run out very fast. Use this tool once and you’ll find yourself telling all of your pet loving friends about it. No joke, I can talk about this thing like I’m in a cheesy ‘80s commercial. I’ll spare you.

Cat Mom Gift Box

This gift is generically awesome for cat ladies. Whether it’s a close loved one, or someone who you know literally nothing about (we all get stuck buying gifts for those people), this gift is sure to impress.

The box is adorably packaged with 11 different items, including a coffee mug, scented candle, ceramic jewelry dish, silver cat necklace, women's novelty socks, polishing cloth, greeting card, notepad, and rose bath ball. 

Grooming Gloves

Over the years, I've had cats who, for some reason, freak out if a brush approaches them. I don't know the cat logic behind it, but it's a [nonscientific] fact. These gloves are fun for both parties -- it's just another day at the kitty spa. You'll be amazed at how much fur comes off.

I've had other glove brushes in the past, but I like this one because the brand wasn't cheap with the bristles. It also comes in a set of two (a lot of brands only sell one) for double the brushing fun! Also good if you're a lefty, since the one-sets are usually just for righties.

Cat Mug With Lid/Phone Stand

There are plenty of cute cat mugs, but this one is practical! The lid is pretty cool because it not only can keep your drink warm, you can take it off and use it as a phone stand. The mug is larger than standard size, so at 16oz, you can hold even more of your favorite coffee, tea, or cocoa. Best of all, it's both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets

In case you were unaware, refrigerators are large. In that event, no matter how many times you give someone magnets as a gift, they can probably accept more. But they’ll only want to if they’re interesting, so choose wisely. This set definitely checks the quirky box, but also has decent magnet strength and doesn’t scratch the fridge.

Insulated Cat Water Bottle

If you're looking for gift that's more classy than silly, this lightweight, stainless steel water bottle is a great statement piece. The bottle can be used for both hot or cold liquids, since it has double wall vacuum insulation.

Double Walled Cat Coffee Mug

It's impossible not to smile with this gift. It looks absolutely ridiculous, but it's actually useful. The mug can handle temperatures from -4 degrees to 284 degrees Fahrenheit! Depending on the drink you pour, the cat will change color. For example, a white cat with milk, a black cat with soda, a green cat with tea, or a brown cat with coffee.

Custom Photo Cat Puzzle 

Puzzles are one of the most popular holiday gifts, but no image can possibly compare to the Furry King(s) or Queen(s) of the house. This customizable 11x14-inch puzzle comes in 252 pieces, packed into a fun gift box with your custom image printed on top.

Sling Carrier

If you want to hold your cat like the little baby he or she is, look no further. This reversible carrier supports pets up to 12 pounds in weight (sorry, chonks) and comes in multiple colors.

Cat Plush Toy Set

A great gift idea for a 2-6 year old, this affordable set encourages imagination and role-playing fun! The set includes a kitten, collar, carrier, bed, blanket, mouse toy, food bowl, and brush.

Solar Cat Light

This cat in a cup is fully powered by the sun -- no batteries needed. Eyes will light up once the sun goes down. Rain or shine, the product is built to withstand all outdoor conditions.

Furniture Protectors

There are various sprays to deter cats from scratching, but I found it’s much more effective to cover the area all together. These clear strips are strong and easy to install. At 17" x 12", this couch protector can easily cover a full section of your sofa with a few sheets. Just cut the transparent pad to size for the perfect fit.

The Ultimate Pooper Scooper

There's no elegant way to say this: some cats leave monster poops. It's a daily (actually, multiple times a day) struggle. Between having to use arm muscles to scoop, and having the actual stool stick to the scooper (gross), it's a constant inconvenience.

A pooper scooper might not sound like the most exciting gift, but it's incredibly useful. This item has over 30,000 reviews with nearly 5 stars! It has a special non-stick plating, monster poop strength, an ergonomic handle, and comes with a holder.

How To Draw Cats: A Beginner’s Guide

In the new year, many people set resolutions to learn a new skill. Why not learn how to draw? And why not draw the things you enjoy most? This book provides step by step instructions, starting with simple lines and shapes and ending with life-like images!

Cat Monopoly

For board game lovers, or anyone who isn’t allergic to fun, Monopoly is a classic. This version takes a fun twist on the game by adding a whole cat theme! Instead of collecting houses and hotels, players collect litter boxes and fish bones.

Personalized Cat Blanket

A blanket is a great gift to give during cold weather. It’s also a great gift in the summer because there’s always one household member who says it’s too cold in the house. Simply put, blankets are an easy go-to option. Why not feature their favorite furry friend on it?

This blanket is 100% woven cotton and made in the USA. Choose between the sizes of 50” x 60” or 60” x 80”. 

Cat DNA Test

Humans aren’t the only ones who can get DNA tests done! Basepaws has the largest database of feline data in the world. They partner with veterinarians, scientists, and researchers who not only help define what breed type your cat is, but also how to detect health problems.

My test told me that Noodle was a potential carrier for a rare disease, and that I needed to brush his little teefs because he was at risk for dental problems. I was also surprised to see that the test knew that he had long hair, and that he was 11% Siberian!

I’ve tried other cat DNA tests, but this one was definitely my favorite and the most detailed.

Cat Tarot Cards

Things that are weird and mystical: 1. Cats 2. Tarot Cards. It only makes sense to combine the two. I got this as a gift last year and it was my absolute favorite item of everything I got. It’s very affordable, accurate (in the way that Tarot cards can be…), and adorable!

Best Gifts For Cats (And Humans Too If We’re Being Honest)

Cozy Cat Cocoon

As you know, cats like to be in warm places, and wool is quite warm. This cave is made from 100% natural New Zealand wool. Cats can either climb inside or on top.

Jumbo Litter Trapper Mat

As regal as my cats look, they are complete slobs. I’ve tried so many different litter boxes and mats to avoid tracking litter everywhere. Small mats just don’t do the job.

This one has large holes for catching litter. It’s open on all 3 sides, so it can easily be hand cleaned. You’re technically not supposed to stick it in the wash, but I’ve done it multiple times on the gentle cycle and it’s worked for me. 

Even if your cat jumps out of a top loading litter box, this mat is 32” x 30”. The large size helps it catch most of the litter, preventing it from tracking around the house.

A Self-Cleaning Litterbox w/ Smartphone App

As much as we love our fur babies, some of them (I’m looking at you, Noodle), make an extreme mess. No matter how many times you vacuum, or the height of the litter box, somehow litter appears everywhere. And all of the candles and baking soda in the world can’t cover the stench.

Leo’s Loo Too does all of the work for you: meaning no more scooping! It has Google and Alexa voice controls, triple-layer safety protection, programmable UV light, and more. With the app, you can control the settings (even the cleaning cycles!) anywhere with a WiFi signal, so your cat sitter doesn’t have to sift through litter every day.

Cat Treat Variety Pack

Spoil your cat with these lickable cat treats. The pack comes with 48 tubes, including 12 tuna, 12 tuna and shrimp, 12 chicken and veggie, and 12 chicken. It's 100% grain free with no added fillers, byproducts, or preservatives.

Stainless Steel Litter Box

This patent pending litter box is used with the same nonstick coating as frying pans! In other words, cleaning is much easier than most litter boxes. It's rust free, doesn't collect residue, and also much more sleek than a typical litter box.

Easy Clean Cat Brush

Cats have naturally rough tongues to clean their fur, but sometimes there are places that are just too hard to reach. Whether your cat is getting older, has long fur, or you simply want little Fluffy to look its best, this brush is an easy and affordable item to add as a stocking stuffer or gift add on.

The brush has a special button so you can remove the fur without having to dig through each bristle. It works on all hair types.

Weird Picks for Cat Lovers

"Home Is Where The Cat Is" Succulent

There are a few reasons why succulents are a great gift for cat lovers. First, and most importantly, succulents are nontoxic to cats. The other reasons are that they are easy to take care of, and they’re just a nice-looking plant!

This set includes a cute ceramic mug with a picture of a cat on the front, and "Home Is Where The Cat Is" written on the back. Check your zip code to see if this gift offers same-day delivery!

Personalized Paw Stocking

Your cat is a member of the family too and deserves its own stocking! This one is customizable, with the ability to add your cat’s name, plus choose between six different colors. 

A Cleaning Service For All That Cat Hair

Unless you’re 20 years old, your back probably hurts right now. Cleaning doesn’t help the back pain, especially when you really have to work hard to remove all of that cat hair. Leave it to the professionals and let your gift recipient use that time to take a nap with Fluffy.

A Camera To Play With And Feed Treats With Your Cat

There are tons of cheap security cameras out there, but they are often laggy and lack features. Petcube is the only pet camera on the market to support both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi connections. You can play with your fur baby using the laser toy, or even set up autoplay. There’s a superior 2-way auto so you can meow back and forth to each other (don’t lie, you’re going to do it). The camera has built in Alexa functionality, 4x zoom, alerts, 24/7 support, and more.

Cats Against Anxiety Affirmation Cards

According to “The Google”, it is estimated that 31.1% of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. “The Google” has also informed me that 25.4% of households own a cat. With that in mind, the odds show that this gift is probably going to be a good fit.

Joking aside, anxiety is a true mental health disorder that is often experienced by some of the most kind and sensitive people. If you know of a loved one who suffers, a thoughtful gift like this one could put a smile on their face, and it becomes more than just a gift. Despite the silly kitties on the packaging, the product uses popular therapeutic methods for stress relief.

Air Purifier

Both cats and humans can experience allergies from dust, hair, and dander. An air purifier and a good vacuum can help make a big difference for allergy relief.

The VEVA 8000 is an affordable model that filters out both odors and smells. This complete air cleaner system includes a HEPA Filter along with 4 Precut Activated Carbon Pre-Filters. It’s ETL Certified and tested by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories to UL Standard. It’s also 100% ozone free.

Pet Insurance

This suggestion may not be as fun as cat tarot cards or cameras that shoot lasers, but it’s probably the most important item in this guide. As someone with indoor cats, I always assumed I’d never have to worry about health issues. Instead, I’ve ended up paying thousands in bills for health problems I never anticipated. Some issues were hereditary, and others involved Noodle mischief (e.g. knocking over a bottle of Advil and thinking it’s dry food for lunch).

If you love your cat, you need to take care of its health. If you wait too long, as your cat ages, you can find some pretty expensive medical issues that can become overbearing later on.

Healthy Paws is a great option for pet insurance. They have had over 1 million claims in the last year alone, with most being processed within 2 days. There are no maximum annual or lifetime payouts.

Healthy, Premium Cat Food Delivery

I’ve seen so many ads for healthy dog food delivery (aka food that doesn’t contain scrambled up chicken bones and mysterious ingredients). I finally found something great for cats.

Open Farm has ethically sourced, sustainable cat food, made from premium ingredients. You can shop for wet or dry food, or even shop by animal, which includes beef, chicken, turkey, fish, and lamb.

Art Deco Cat Sofa

For someone who doesn’t like the look of typical cat furniture, this couch is a true statement piece. In addition to being cute, it has sofa cushions that can be removed, making spot cleaning that much easier. The sofa comes in three colors and two different sizes.

Cat Wheel

Some may argue that a giant cat wheel is an unnecessary expense. Ask those same people what to do when you’re in a meeting and your cat’s butt is in front of the camera, he can’t stop meowing, and two minutes later he’s attacking his furry sister because he’s bored. Despite Noodle’s constant demands, I can’t entertain him all day while I’m working.

Cats, especially in small apartments, need somewhere to let out their energy. This wheel gives them plenty of room to run and eliminates (er, reduces) mischief.

Modern Cat Tree

I’ve owned multiple cat trees with the faux rug/teddy bear material on them. My cats tend to get lots of fur stuck to them, and since nothing’s removable, it’s hard to clean.

In terms of appearance, this cat tree is much more sophisticated than your typical feline furniture. In terms of functionality, all 4 cushions are machine washable, and the trees can support chonks up to 16 pounds!

Cat Party Seeds

If you’re looking to make your recipient laugh, this is the gift. Aside from the hilarious packaging, watching a cat on catnip is quite the experience. With a convenient bulk pack of 25 seed packets, you can invite every cat on the block (as long as your cat is cool with that).

Keep in mind, this set includes seeds for growing cat nip (for fun) and rye grass (great for indigestion, and keeps them away from human plants). Don’t forget to buy some matching cat pots in order to grow the plants!

A Fancy Cat Dome

This is more than a cat bed – it’s a statement piece. The kitty throne is made from hand-woven, non-toxic, and durable faux rattan that will not break if clawed. The cushions are machine washable, and the assembly only requires screwing the dome to the base.

Color Changing Cat Litter

PrettyLitter is a silica cat litter that does more than cover up the stink. It turns different colors to inform you if your cat has any health conditions to worry about. 

Pokeball Cat Carrier Backpack

Anyone who loves Pokemon, nostalgically or otherwise, will instantly recognize and love this gift. The backpack can support chonks up to 16 pounds. There’s a little bubble where your cat can poke outside, and multiple zippers for your cat to come in and out of the carrier.

Hurricane Candle Holder To Keep Your Kitty Safe

This might seem like a weird item to be on a list about cats. Sure, it’s pretty, but why is it here? Well, I don’t know about you, but my cats have a pure obsession with knocking things off the counter and putting their face where they don’t belong. Initially I couldn’t light a candle and leave it unattended (and I really needed to, Noodle’s poops are stinky). 

Fortunately, I came across this gem. This candle holder has holes to let the smoke out, and a little door to keep the candle safe inside. 

Santa Chimney Cat Hat

Lookie here, it’s The Cat In The Hat! This adjustable hat might be the cutest gift that your cat gets all year.

Cat Elf Costume

Will your cat hate you for this? Temporarily. Is it worth it? Yes. I’ve found that my cats don’t tolerate hats very well, but the clothing part of the costume can be wrapped around like a bib and you can get some stellar shots for the ‘gram. (If you have a more patient cat than I do, you can technically put the legs through the costume).

Holiday Gift Box With Treats, Toys, And More

This limited edition, Chewy-exclusive box comes with six fun items that your cat will love (well, eight if you count the box it's shipping in plus the box the gift is held in). The popular items include Bocce's Feast of Fishies Cat Soft & Chewy Treats and Hartz Delectables and Squeeze Up Tuna & Salmon Lickable Cat Treats. By purchasing this box, you save up to 45%, versus purchasing items individually.