The Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

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Our Top 5 Gift Picks


Tea From Around The World

Tea Gift Subscription

$55 at Atlas Tea Club


Brew In Style

Le Creuset Whistling Teakettle

$115 at Sur La Table


Gift For Matcha Lovers

Matcha Whisk Set

$59 at Art of Tea


World's First Temperature Control Mug

Ember Mug

$149.95 at Ember


Sip In Style

2-Piece Double Wall Glasses Set

$22.99 at Zwilling

Shopping for the tea lover in your life? Then look no further! Our gift guide has everything you need to satisfy every tea enthusiast.

The Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

When it comes to gift giving, it’s the thought that counts. But if you want to impress a tea drinker with a perfect gift, you are in the right place.

Tea drinkers are as unique as the tea world of tea itself. With countless varieties of tea and a number of ways to proudly grow the mantle of a tea obsession into a full-blown hobby, there is no shortage of enthralling options for the tea lover in your life.

The list below offers a carefully curated selection of tea-related gifts that are sure to impress.

The Best Tea

For the person who loves adventure

An adventurous tea drinker may crave a trip around the world to sample the finer things in life. Although you might not be able to purchase them a plane ticket, a premium tea subscription can transport their tastebuds to a new corner of the world each month.

Altas Tea Club World Coffee Tour Gift Subscription

Through Atlas Tea Club, you can give your tea-drinking companion a subscription service that delivers exotic teas from a new country every month. Within the subscription, the recipient will find a collection of single-origin loose leaf tea. Every box includes a postcard of the country’s tea history and tasting notes.

 Gifts can be sent via instant e-gift card delivery and recipients can choose their own preferences. If you want to buy for yourself or a household member, you can try your first box free (just pay shipping).

 Want to learn more about Atlas Tea Club? Check out our full review.

The Best Kettles and More

For the person who wants to combine luxury and practicality

When it comes to brewing a much-needed cup of tea, the right kettle can make all the difference. Although many tea drinkers make do with what they have, you can elevate their tea experience with one of these practical kettles.

Luxury Electric Gooseneck Kettle

The Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle combines a functional teapot with a sleek minimalist design. When your friend makes a cup with this kettle, it’s easy to heat up water to an exact temperature. Not only will the cup heat up fast, but it also has a feature to hold the temperature for up to 60 minutes.

The high-quality electric kettle is priced at $176. With this tool in their kitchen, any tea-loving recipient will be able to make the perfect cup for years to come.

Le Creuset Classic Whistling Teakettle

Not everyone is a fan of the electric kettle options. If you are shopping for someone with more traditional tastes, a stovetop kettle might be more up their alley.

The Le Creuset Classic Whistling Teakettle offers a classic take for tea drinkers. A large selection of colors means you can find the right choice for anyone’s kitchen. The enamel-on-steel teakettle is priced at $130. And delivers on the single-tone whistle which lets you know when the water is boiling.

Teapot Set

The process of making tea an enjoyable mug isn’t always the end goal of a devoted tea drinker. Sometimes, it’s nice to spring for a luxurious take on their regular old tea time. That’s when a premium tea set can come into play.

For example, this black Chinese Ceramic tea service includes everything you might way for a resplendent tea-drinking experience.

The Best Tea Makers

For the ones who also like coffee

Although there are many tea purists out there, others love what both tea and coffee have to offer. If you have a friend that likes both, a multi-purpose tea maker can cut down on the number of tools in the kitchen.

2-In-1 Coffee and Tea Maker

For those who love both coffee and tea, this 2-in-1 tea maker offers the best of both worlds. Whether your friend is in the mood for coffee or tea, this versatile device can deliver.

The Best Tea Tech

For the person who wants to try something new

As tastes change, new tea technology is hitting the market. Here’s a closer look at one of the top tea tech options.

Matcha Whisk Set

A matcha whisk set allows a tea drinker to explore the flavorful experience of this brew. Within the $55 kit, the recipient will find the tools necessary to perform a contemporary matcha ceremony.

Tea Mugs

For the slow sipper

Of course, making the perfect cup is only a part of the experience. For many, the most enjoyable part of the process is enjoying the brew.

If you have a slow sipper on your gift list, explore these tea mug options.

Ember Temperature Control Mug

One pain point for tea drinkers is the fact that tea often goes cold before having the time to properly enjoy the experience. The Ember Temperature Control Mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature. With a chosen temperature set, the Ember mug can maintain it for up to 1.5 hours.

The high-tech mug comes with a price tag between $130 and $150, depending on the size you choose. But your tea lover will never have to worry about a cup of tea going cold on them again.

Zwilling 2 Piece Double Wall Glasses

Mouth-blown by skilled artisans, this glassware offers a gorgeous way to serve your favorite teas. The innovative double-wall design maintains your beverage’s ideal temperature, without messy condensation or need for a coaster. They are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

Tea Accessories

For the tea enthusiast

Tea enthusiasts don’t let their love for tea stop at drinking a cup now and then. Instead, they may want to take their tea obsession one step further with the help of handy accessories.

Tea Garden

When you think of tea, you often think of getting it from the store. But some tea enthusiasts choose to grow their very own tea leaves. Even for those without a particularly green thumb, a small AeroGarden can help handle growing tea plants with minimal assistance from the tea enthusiast.

If you think that the tea lover in your life would enjoy growing their own tea, AeroGarden sells a fresh tea seed kit to get them started.

Mug Tree

A growing mug collection is often a hazard of being a tea enthusiast. But a mug tree can help keep all of those mugs reasonably organized.

This $55 mug tree can hold up to 6 mugs. Not only will this allow a tea drinker easy access to the mugs, but they will also be able to proudly display favorites from their collection.

Tea Recipe Book

For tea lovers, there is a seemingly endless array of cups to try. Within this extensive recipe book, they’ll find plenty of ways to spruce up their favorite cuppa. Author Nicole Wilson covers everything from brewing basics to upscale spins on classic favorites.

Tea Infuser

There’s nothing worse for a tea drinker than opening a pack of loose leaf tea only to discover that their infuser is missing. A handy tea infuser can solve this problem.

Plus, it offers you a chance to personalize the gift. You can opt for this stainless steel one or many of the other tea infusers that align with your friend’s interests.

Gourmet Wooden Tea Box

Another storage option for bagged teas is a convenient wooden box. Within this $62 box, tea drinkers will find 10 compartments to easily separate different teas. The sleek look will blend well in most kitchens.

Tea Time

For the person who can always use a cuppa

For some, drinking tea is a constant habit. If someone can always use a cup of tea, these gift options are sure to make them smile.

Tea Brick

A tea brick offers a unique twist over the traditional loose leaf or bagged tea options. With the tea brick, your friend can simply snap off a piece of tea to infuse in their cup.

The $32 tea brick is a fun one to display and brew. Many tea lovers will appreciate this hands-on experience with a historic tea option.

Tea By Mood

A wide selection of tea choices gives your friend the chance to enjoy the perfect tea for their current mood. Whenever the mood for a cup of tea strikes, they can turn to this tea by mood set.

Within this set, the recipient will find 40 bags of tea and a variety of blends to suit their different moods.

Tea Treats

For the person looking forward to hosting tea parties

Many tea lovers want to share the magic of tea with their friends. If a tea party is on the horizon, these tasty tea treats might be the perfect addition to their collection.

Homestead Flavored Honey Sticks

Honey sticks are small tubes of the sweet treat, which are perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to a cup of tea. When hosting a tea party, the guests can select from a variety of honey flavor combinations.

With this Homestead honey stick pack, tea drinkers can match different flavors to their favorite brew.

DIY Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble tea requires a bit of extra flair. Within this kit, you’ll find four different flavors and easy-to-cook pearls for a unique bubble tea experience at home.

Although bubble tea isn’t to everyone’s taste, those that love bubble tea will enjoy this kit.

Tea Advent Calendar

An advent tea calendar can help any tea drinker get into the holiday spirit. This calendar includes 24 different teas as a part of the countdown to Christmas. For those that want to get in the spirit, these festive brews will add some charm to the season.


What to Look for in a Gift for a Tea Lover

As you shop for a gift for the tea lover in your life, the price point is one place to start. It’s helpful to set a budget for your shopping experience. You’ll be able to find options for any budget. But it’s important to keep the quality of the gift in mind. If possible, look for a high-quality gift that suits your preferred price point.

If you are concerned about the reception of your gift, consider the return policy before buying. A generous return policy might be helpful if you aren’t sure whether or not the recipient already has the item in question.

The History of Tea

Tea has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. Although tea was first used for medicinal purposes, many have consumed it on a daily basis since the 3rd century. Of course, the drink has grown in popularity over the years. And there are countless blends to suit the unique tastes of tea lovers across the globe.

Different Types of Tea

There are thousands of unique tea blends out there. But the general tea categories include black, green, oolong, white, purple, herbal, rooibos, and matcha. Typically, people dive into tea through the black or green varieties. But many who love tea quickly branch out to try the wide variety of flavors available.

Why Trust Favy

Before choosing the best items for our guide, we look at key features of each item and the value it can bring. Our goal is to ultimately find unique, specialty, and compare the quality for the price point.