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Lindsay Boyers

June 12, 2024

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Our Top 4 Gift Picks


Age wine in minutes

Aging and Decanter Set

$199.95 at Brookstone


Pair with your wine

Cheese of the Month Club

$43.95 at Cheese of the Month Club


Drink in style

Durable Crystal Decanter

$100 at Sur La Table


Something Tasty

Wine Gift Basket

$79.95 at GiftTree

Looking for a gift for the wine lover in your life? Our guide has everything you need to pick the perfect gift for them.

A bottle of wine is always a much appreciated gift for wine lovers in your life. If you want to get them something different, or a small-batch bottle that you might not be able to find in your local liquor store, we can help with that. 

We sorted through hundreds of gift ideas and narrowed it down to this expertly curated list of 27  of the best gifts for wine lovers. From wine subscriptions to a bathtub wine tray to wine barrel-aged coffee beans, there’s an idea for everyone here.

Wine Gift Subscriptions

For the person who wants to keep the wine flowing


If you have a more obscure wine lover in your life, Plonk will help them discover vinos that they haven’t even heard of. All the boutique wines are small production, sustainably sourced, organic and/or grown with biodynamic methods, which means no pesticides, artificial sugars or commercial additives were involved in the production process.

You can purchase a gift subscription to the wine club, which gives you the option of four, six, or 12 wines per box. You can also choose from red-only, white-only and mixed boxes, depending on what your recipient likes.

Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club curates wine gift boxes that feature small production wines from family owned wineries. You can choose by region—there’s a California wine option and an International Wine Club—or wine type, like pinot noir. Boxes start with as few as two wines or can go up to 12, and while you can purchase a single shipment, you get a discount starting at a 3-month subscription.


For the wine lover with an advanced palate

Wine Aging & Decanter Set

Decanting is typically a passive process—you simply pour wine into the decanter and let it breathe—but this Wake-Up-Wine Electronic Decanter Set takes it to another level. It condenses a 5-minute decanting session into just 10 minutes, and ages wine five to seven years. If the wine lover in your life also likes to imbibe in spirits once in a while, this decanter works with other liquor too.

Schott Zwiesel Pollux Red Wine Decanter

A beautiful decanter that can double as a statement piece is a must in any wine lover’s life. This option from Schott Zwiesel Pollux, which is made in Poland, is made of durable crystal that’s chip- and scratch-resistant. It’s built to withstand regular use, and will look just as good (and work just as well) on bottle 500 as it does on bottle one. 

Aerating Wine Glass

Aerating is an extra step that many people skip, but it makes a big difference in the taste of your wine. This spinning decanter is designed with a conical construction that swirls wine when it’s set on the table, helping to naturally aerate it. It works for both red and white wine and can fit a whole standard size (750 mL) bottle.

Coolers & Chillers

For the person who loves perfectly chilled wine

Smart Controlled Dual Zone Wine Cooler

If your giftee likes to have perfectly chilled wine at the ready, this smart-controlled wine cooler is the solution. It fits 28 standard size bottles and has dual chilling zones that allow you to reach the optimal temperature for both red and white wines. You can set the zones on the cooler itself, or download an app to your phone to control it remotely.

Marble Wine Cooler

This Marble Wine Cooler serves a dual purpose: It can chill a single bottle of wine while doubling as a beautiful piece of decor. It has a marble construction with a brass ring base and a 48-ounce capacity that fits most wine and champagne bottles with plenty of extra room for ice.

CHILL™ Cooling Pour Spout in Blister Card by HOST®

This cooling pour spout turns your wine bottle into its own chiller. All you have to do is put it in the freezer for at least two hours, then insert it into any standard size bottle of wine. The stopper creates an airtight seal to keep the wine fresh, while the frozen gel brings your wine down to the ideal temperature.

Wine Stoppers & Preservation

For the slow wine drinker

Coravin Timeless Three+ Wine Preservation System

When it comes to keeping wine fresh, oxygen is enemy number one. This Coravin Wine Preservation System limits contact by drilling through the cork so you don’t have to remove it completely. It has a pour spout on top so you don’t have to take it out to fill up your glass, and comes with argon gas capsules that displace oxygen even more to keep opened bottles fresh for years.

Airtender Deluxe Electric Vacuum and Wine Aerator

The Airtender Deluxe Electric Vacuum and Wine Aerator serves double duty: It can vacuum seal wine to keep it fresh longer, or aerate it to enhance the flavors if you plan to drink the whole bottle right away. It also works as a vacuum sealer for jars and bottles so if your wine lover also likes food preservation, it’s a win-win.

Wine Preserver Spray

This wine preserver spray uses force and 100% food grade (and totally safe) argon gas to displace oxygen before resealing bottles in between glasses. It comes with a universal wine stopper that forms a tighter seal than the original cork.

AirLOCK™ Wine Preserver by HOST®

The AirLOCK Wine Preserver is another way to keep oxygen away from wine to keep it fresher longer. It has a pump system that removes excess air and then drops a stopper in place to form an airtight seal until you’re ready for your next glass.

Beanie Wine Stopper Set

These adorable beanie wine stoppers add a touch of whimsy to any wine bottle. They’re made of silicone that’s flexible enough to fit into any size bottle and forms an airtight seal that keeps your vino fresher than if you reused the cork. They come in packs of two with two color options (red and gray or blue and gray).

Specialty/Novelty Gifts for Wine-savvy People

For the person who likes outside-the-box wine gifts

Bathtub Wine Tray

Many wine lovers will tell you that there’s nothing quite like relaxing into a bath with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. But balancing a glass on the edge of your tub isn’t practical (or safe). This bathtub tray has a secure spot for stemmed wine glasses, plus room for your phone, a tablet and other bathtub essentials like a candle and a washcloth.

Wine Glasses

For the wine lover that can’t get enough glasses

Cooling Wine Glasses (Set of 2)

Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to chill your wine before you want to drink it. These cooling wine glasses have a proprietary gel that speeds up the chilling process so your wine is just right as you sip. Just toss them in the freezer and pour your wine directly into the glass when you’re ready to drink.

Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Nothing ruins a wine moment faster than a shattered glass, but some plastic options don’t have the same aesthetic as crystal. These unbreakable glasses are made of a crystal clear, BPA-free plastic that gets high marks in looks and function. There are four in a set.

Best Food Gifts for Wine Lovers

For the wine lover who wants something a little different

California Wine Gift Basket

Unlike many other gift basket companies, GiftTree’s products come with free shipping! This basket has the option for red or white wines (or for only $10 more, you can have both!)

 In addition to the wines, there are various sweet confections, gourmet snacks, and a complimentary personalized note.

Cheese of the Month Club

There are few people in this world who don’t like cheese. This brand has partnered with Zingermans®, a Top Rated Deli in the Country by Zagat's Gourmet. The subscription offers a wide variety of traditional farmhouse and artisanal cheeses, made from quality, natural ingredients. 

Bamboo Cheese Board Set

When shopping for a wine lover, you’re certainly not limited to wine-only gifts. Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of vino, and this bamboo cheese board is an elegant way to serve it. It has a flat surface surrounded by deep grooves for crackers or grapes, and a hidden drawer that stores serving utensils.

Wine Barrel Coffee

Drinking vino in the morning may not be the most productive way to start the day, but you can give a wine lover the essence with this wine barrel-aged coffee set. It includes three flavors—Pinot Noir with Rwanda Beans, Chardonnay with Kenya Beans, and Cabernet With Costa Rican Beans—that are made by small batch artisan roasters.

Wine Accessories

For the wine lover who has everything

Adjustable Aerator - TILT™ Variable Aerator in Box by HOST®

This tilt aerator lets you instantly decant any bottle of wine. It works with any type of wine, with the angle of the tilt determining how strong the aeration is. It has a beautiful crystal design and includes a stand for easy display on your giftee’s wine bar.

Wine Stopper Carousel

Reusable wine stoppers are nice to have, but they often get thrown in a drawer and forgotten about. This Wine Stopper Carousel solves that problem by organizing up to 29 stoppers in clear sight. It has three levels that spin independently for easy access and a tiered design that minimizes the amount of counter space it needs.

Kits for Future Winemakers

For the future vintner

Wine Making Kit (White)

Traditional winemaking is a complicated process, but this DIY kit makes it much easier (no grape stomping required). It includes a wine base, yeast pack, and other necessary ingredients to make 30 bottles of your own Pinot Grigio at home. 

Wine Making Kit (Red)

A similar option for red wine lovers, this kit has everything you need to make 30 bottles of medium-bodied Merlot. The finished product has dark fruit and herbal notes that go down smoothly and pair well with tomato-based dishes.

Ivation 9-Piece Wine Opener Gift Set

If you’re shopping for a future winemaker, you want to make sure they have enough stoppers to keep all their bottles fresh and the right tools to ensure optimal flavor. This wine opener gift set includes a battery-operated wine opener, two universal wine corks, an aerator, and foil cutters—everything a wine lover needs for the full experience.


For the person who doesn’t want to pour out of the bottle 

Decorative Box Wine Dispenser

This wine dispenser gives boxed wine a much-needed upgrade. It has a fillable pouch that fits up to four bottles of your favorite wine and an easy-push tap that makes it easy to pour. It also doubles as a sangria, cold brew, lemonade, or any other cold drink dispenser so it’s great for parties and gatherings.

Zwilling Aerator & Pouring Spout

This handy gadget turns any wine bottle into a super-speedy aerator. You just attach it to a standard size bottle, press the button, and let it aerate while it fills your glass.

The History of Wine

Wine has roots in many places around the world, from ancient Rome to Egypt and even the United States. The term “wine” comes from an Old English word “win,” which came from the Latin word “vinum.”

There’s some disagreement about how and when wine became a drink of choice. Some sources say that it dates all the way back to 7,000 BC when it was first discovered in China. Others say it was found in Georgia around 6,000 BC. Either way, one thing that’s clear is that wine has been integrated into our way of life for thousands and thousands of years and it’s only becoming more popular.

Different Types of Wine 

There are five main types of wine: red, white, rose, sparkling, and dessert. They’re all made from grapes, but the difference is in how they’re made.

Red wine: Red wine, like Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Malbec, is made from dark-skinned grapes that are fermented along with the skins. This gives the wine more acidity and tannins, which gives it that characteristic mouthfeel.

White wine: White wine, like Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, is made from lighter (green) skinned grape varieties. It can also be made by removing the skins from darker grapes. It has high acidity, but little to no tannins.

Rose: Rose is a blush wine that’s made by crushing red grapes with their skins for a few hours (as opposed to the much longer fermentation process of red wines). This gives it a light pink color and some tannins.

Sparkling wine: Sparkling wines, like Lambrusco and Champagne, are made from a dual fermentation process. The base wine is made and then added to a bottle with yeast and sugar, which further ferments it and creates the much-loved bubbles. Sparkling wine has a low tannin level with some acidity.

Dessert wine: Dessert wine is partially fermented with sugar so it has a much sweeter taste than other wines. It can be red, rose or white, but should be served in smaller glasses after a meal.

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