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December 02, 2023

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Our Top 5 Gift Picks


Best Gift under $20

Clip On Pasta Strainer

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Best Gift from $20 to $25

Candle Making Kit

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Best Gift $25 to $50

World Tour Coffee Sampler

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Best Gift $50 to $75

Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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Best Luxury Gift

Precision Cooker Kit

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Shopping for the woman in your life? Then look no further! Our gift guide has lots of interesting ideas.

Finding the right gift to give someone you care about keeps getting harder by the year. Everyone seems to have just about everything, and while it’s the thought that counts, nothing shows such little thought than cash.

If you’re shopping for a gift for a woman in your life – whether it’s your mom, girlfriend, wife, or coworker — go the extra mile with a gift that is thoughtful, practical, and something they’d be sure to remember. To help you figure it out, we’ve carefully curated a variety of unique gift ideas that will have something for just about any woman you are shopping for.

Gifts under $20

For someone with an active lifestyle — Leggings

These high waisted leggings are a great gift choice for any woman who works out, has fitness part of her New Year’s resolution, or prefers comfort. They can be worn casually, but also dressed up easily with the right top. Best of all, these super soft and stretchy full length leggings come equipped with side pockets (select colors) for the convenience of carrying a phone, cash, cards or keys. Not sure about her size? Not to worry. The leggings come in One Size and One Size Plus.

To assist her in the kitchen — Pot strainer

If the woman you are gifting loves to cook, or wants to start cooking more often, then you should seriously consider getting her this Pot Strainer. This silicone colander snaps directly onto the pot, pan, or bowl making it extremely convenient and practical. Add this to anyone’s kitchen and watch it become one of their most go-to cooking tools.

Something that’ll relieve tension — Hair scalp massager

Give the gift of a scalp massager, which can go a long way for relieving stress and tension, especially in today’s times. But, this massager does more than that. It encourages hair growth by increasing blood flow; removes dandruff and contaminants; and can be used in or out of the shower with or without shampoo. The Hair Scalp Massager includes two massage removal heads with different brush lengths making this thoughtful gift that much more practical.

On Amazon, you can find other scalp massagers for a few dollars cheaper, but this one is our favorite. It uses BPA, lead and phalate free food-grade silicone and has the ability to swap scrubber heads.

For the woman with challenging hair — Detangling hair brush

If the woman you are gifting has thick curly or wavy hair, chances are she battles with your gorgeous natural — knotty and frizzy — locks more often than she’d like to admit. Get her this popular detangling brush and know that you just made her life that much easier. The detangler, with flexible bristles will glide through her hair and offer a gentle scalp massage, works for any hair type and wet or dry. It comes in multiple colors and designs.

There are tons of detangling brushes on Amazon, but this one has nearly 70,000 raving reviews. It has consistently been a top pick amongst Buzzfeed roundups and TikTok influencers.

Something to help her declutter — Battery organizer and tester

This is another gift idea that fails to win any “sexy awards” but will earn top honors in the practicality category. The battery organizer doesn’t just store 93 batteries of various sizes, but even more useful, it tests them too. She’ll be able to quickly know whether or not a battery that’s been laying around for a while has any juice left. The included tester is also removable for extra convenience. With this gift, her drawer full of loose batteries will be neatly organized.

Gifts from $20 to $25

For the light sleeper — White noise machine

The value of quality sleep is priceless, which is why this White Noise Sleep Sound Machine will mean a lot to any light sleeper. If her sleep is often interrupted by unwanted or unexpected background noises, this sound machine will help mask it and help improve her overall quality of sleep. The device offers six sounds to choose from including white noise, rain, and ocean. It is also portable and compact making it perfect for anyone who struggles with sleep when they travel.

For the creative DIY-er — Candle making kit

Candles are often a big hit gift, but why not go the extra mile and gift a candle making kit? This DIY Soy Wax Candle Making Kit comes with everything needed including a pound of natural soy wax, candle jars, pre-waxed wicks, and even gift boxes. The gift of a candle making kit can be perfect for any DIY-er who appreciates the art of making their own things.

If she has a furry friend — Personalized Christmas socks

If your special someone has a furry friend in her life, then this is the absolute perfect gift. These Custom Pet  Christmas socks can be personalized with her pet’s face on it making them not only the cutest gift, but also very thoughtful and sentimental. Best of all, they’ll guarantee to spark many conversations at the upcoming holiday parties. 

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For the woman who entertains — Stemless wine glass set

An elegant set of stemless wine glasses is a gift idea that just about anyone who often entertains will have use for. The set of 12 quality plastic cups are shatterproof, recyclable and BPA-free. They are affordable enough to dispose of, strong enough to reuse multiple times if hand-washed, and elegant enough for upscale parties. 

A cute idea for the holidays — Ornament ice molds

Every gift isn’t exactly a “holiday” gift, but the Tovolo Ornament Ice Sphere Molds sure are. The molds, which come as a set of 4, make gorgeous ornament ice molds of snowflakes, Christmas trees and other designs. They're a perfect compliment to holiday party drinks. 

To protect her, digitally — Password manager

If there’s a ranking for “least sexiest” gift, this one might make the top of the list, but she’ll thank you later. Managing dozens of passwords for multiple sites and accounts, and across multiple devices cannot be taken lightly. Identity theft is a legitimate concern as access to user profiles are breached all too regularly. That’s why the gift of RobotForm password manager is one that gives her something other gifts won’t — peace of mind. RoboForm has a free version, but for a paid account users can sync across all devices, get cloud backup, two factor authentication, secure shared folder and more. 

Gifts from $25 to $50

If she’s a coffee lover — Coffee sampler box

Another one for a coffee lover, this Atlas Coffee Club 4-pack sampler box will introduce the woman you are gifting with some of the best single-origin coffees from different regions around the world. Atlas curates the top 1% of the world's best coffee, and does so in a sustainable way by supporting passionate farmers and paying them fair market rates. The gift box also includes postcards from each country and tasting note cards to accompany each roast. The coffee can be delivered whole bean or freshly grounded for those who do not grind their own beans.

Not a coffee lover? Atlas also has similar tea sampler options.

If she has many devices — Wireless charging pad

While many of us attempt to declutter and live a more minimalist lifestyle, we tend to also find ourselves attached to many devices — from phones to smartwatches and more. If the person you are shopping for has an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, you probably can’t take those things away from her, but you can at least help her get a little more organized with this 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Station. The dock is perfect for any multi-device user including those with Samsung Android devices, as well. 

If she needs help falling asleep — Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets have become all the craze, and for good reason. They help with relaxation and better sleep with the feeling of a warm hug. This weighted blanket has a soft cover and comes in various colors and sizes. Be sure to select a weight that coincides with the weight of the person you are shopping for — ideally the blanked should be 10-12% of the person’s body weight. The blankets are made from cotton, while the machine washable duvet covers are made from polyester. 

For the woman who hates mornings — Sunrise-simulating clock

While everyone knows how crucial sleep is to our health, mood, and productivity, how we wake up can also play a major factor. That’s where a sunrise-simulating clock, like the Philips Wake-up Light, can fill the void of a traditional alarm clock. Instead of waking up to the abrupt sound of an alarm, which can increase your anxiety, the Wake-up Light will mimic the sunrise for a slow and natural waking experience. 

For the woman on-the-go — Foldable vanity mirror

A vanity mirror can go a long way in assisting someone as they get themselves ready for the day, but not all are created equal. This mirror is feature-packed with bright LED backlights that come in handy in rooms with dimmer lighting; it is tri-fold to support seeing oneself from multiple angles; and has up to 3x magnification that works well for tweezing. Additionally, the vanity mirror conveniently folds into a compact size making it ideal for storing away or traveling.

If she’s a stickler for cleanliness — Electric makeup brush cleaner

Struggling to decide what to get a woman? You can’t go wrong with this Makeup Brush Cleaner. The 3-speed electric cleaner includes a brush spinner, eight brush collars and is accompanied by a brush bowl and bottle of Luxe cleaning solution. Makeup brushes need to be regularly cleaned (after all, they do apply makeup directly to her face), and manually cleaning them can take up too much time. She’ll use this convenient and practical gift right away and often. 

For the “Friends” fanatic — Central Perk candle

Any fan of the hit sitcom Friends will absolutely adore this Central Perk Coffee Cup Candle, and you can be sure it’ll spark conversations the moment someone notices it. The natural soy and coco wax candle burns clean and has a double wick. Sitting in a green mug with the iconic Central Perk logo, this candle rightly releases coffee scents, a play off of the coffee shop in the show where so many memorable scenes have taken place.

For the heavy sleeper — Alarm clock with wheels

She’s a heavy sleeper and struggles to get up in the morning. She hits the snooze button one too many times before finally getting out of bed. If this sounds like the woman you are shopping a gift for, then consider getting her a CLOCKY alarm clock. This clever clock is on wheels and runs away while the alarm sounds forcing the sleeper to physically get out of bed to silence the alarm. The clock’s alarm sounds like a robot and will hilariously jump right off the nightstand, land on its wheels, and keep going without skipping a beat. CLOCKY, which is equipped with a nightlight,  does allow for just one snooze, but that setting can be turned off for those who know themselves too well.

Gifts from $50 to $75

If she has a sweet tooth — Donut bouquet

Sure, flowers are a safe gift to get someone (who doesn’t like flowers), but sometimes a bouquet that will simply die in days just won’t cut it. Instead of flowers that die, how about a bouquet of donuts that will be devoured? This clever assortment of a dozen delicious donuts dipped in white, dark, and milk chocolate and decorated with drizzles or sprinkles is perfect for the woman with a sweet tooth. These decadent treats are packaged in a gift box and delivered nationwide.

For the holidays if she likes flowers — Prancer bouquet

If you are planning to gift flowers, don’t settle for a generic bouquet that could work for any time of the year. Instead, gift this bouquet that comes in a dashing Prancer reindeer sleigh vase. It’s elegant, perfect for the holiday season, and is filled with red carnation blooms, hypericum berries, and evergreen accents.

For the woman in many meetings — Noise canceling headphones

Nowadays, everyone needs a reliable set of noise canceling headphones, especially for video calls. While headphones can get pricey, the quality Anker headphones are ideal for both music and work. The hybrid active noise cancellation feature blocks up to 90% of ambient noises for clear work communication with crystal clear Hi-Res Audio. The 40-hour playtime and backup AUX cable ensures you’ll never need a second pair on standby. 

A gift that keeps giving — Coffee club subscription

Atlas Coffee Club offers subscription boxes that will wow any avid coffee drinker in your life. Each month, they’ll get some of the finest coffee on the planet and a bit of culture from a new country. The “World Coffee Tour” includes a postcard with each country's coffee growing methods and history. The coffee is always high quality and single origin with the options of whole bean or ground and light or dark roast. You can also choose the quantity per month (1 bag, 2 bags, or 6-ounce half bag). Select 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months of gourmet exotic coffee for the woman who appreciates a fancy boost of caffeine. Atlas also offers a tea subscription for those who prefer it over coffee. 

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A fast (but thoughtful) last minute option — Gift Basket Delivery

She doesn't have to know you procrastinated. From You Flowers has a plethora of gift ideas. Choose from fruit baskets, candy baskets, bouquets, teddy bears, chocolates, balloons, and more. Just make sure to check your zip code.

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Gifts from $100 to $200

For the woman who likes to cook — Sous vide kit

Sous vide cooking technique was once designated to just the pros in restaurants, but now more common in households everywhere. And for good reason. A sous vide offers precise temperature control perfect for cooking meats at any desired doneness. Best of all, they’re tremendously easy to use. Gifting SOUSVIDE ART Precision Cooker Kit is ideal for anyone who likes to cook or someone who struggles in the kitchen. This all in one sous vide include the sous vide appliance, vacuum seal pump, 15 reusable vacuum bags, two clips, and a cookbook. A sous vide has become a must-have kitchen appliance.

If she needs to get organized — Jewelry armoire

Sometimes the best fixtures in a room are the ones that can serve more than one purpose. That’s what you get with this Over Door Jewelry Armoire. Aside from being able to store over two hundred pieces of jewelry and makeup, it also has a full length mirror for everyday use. This highly practical armoire includes a lock to safely store away valuable jewelry pieces, interior lighting, and multiple drawers. Get this armoire for anyone who might need a little more organization in her life.

For the woman who enjoys her coffee — Ember smart mug

Drinking a hot cup of coffee just isn’t as enjoyable when the temperature becomes lukewarm, but many of us prefer sipping our way to the bottom of the mug. That’s where Ember — the first temperature-controlled mug — saves the day. The 10-ounce smart mug allows you to set the temperature of your hot beverage precisely to the degree of your preference and stay that way for 90 minutes. That’s enough time for you to take your time and enjoy every sip of much-needed morning caffeine. 

If she has pets — Cordless stick vacuum

Over the last few years, vacuums have gotten more powerful, agile, lighter, cordless, smaller and easier to use. And while some models can run up in price, consider the affordable BRITECH Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner made for hardwood and carpet. It is equipped with a powerful 250-watt motor and can run for 30 minutes on a single charge. This BRITECH model makes a great gift for anyone still lugging around an old school corded heavy model, or anyone battling never-ending pet hair in their home.

If she lives in a small apartment — Wine cooler

For some of the finer things in life, many of us simply do have the required space to have or enjoy them. That’s why the 6 Bottle Wine Cooler is an ideal gift for anyone with limited square-footage. This freestanding wine cooler with touchscreen controls can be plopped down on the kitchen countertop or tucked in the corner. Who says you can’t have nice things in small spaces?

For the grandmother — Digital picture frame

One of the more thoughtful gifts you can give someone who resides in a faraway city or region is a digital picture frame like the Skylight Frame. This 10-inch digital screen mimics that of a traditional picture frame, except you can email photos to it and have it display new moments. The touchscreen display allows the user to slide to next photos in the gallery. If you have kids, you can easily share their milestones with grandma as soon as you capture them.

For any woman who cooks — Caraway Minis set

Appliances tend to get all of the love when it comes to kitchen-related gifts, but a reliable set of cookware set will be used more often than any air fryer or slow cooker. Of course, all cookware sets aren’t created equal. The Caraway Minis Duo, which includes a frypan, saucepan and lid, are non-stick, non-toxic, and can handle temperatures of up to 550 degrees. The set comes in fun color options like perracotta and marigold. This easy-to-use and clean cookware combo is a perfect compliment to any kitchen.

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How to choose a gift for a female coworker?

Getting a gift for a coworker can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to get her something thoughtful, but on the other hand, you have to ensure it isn’t too forward or sends the wrong message. Consider gifts that compliment her passions or personality while staying within an affordable price range. A coffee club or tea subscription can do just that. Something work-related could be lame unless you’re addressing a playful inside joke. For instance, if she battles clutter on her workstation, a wireless charging pad could be funny, but also thoughtfully practical.

What should I gift my female boss?

Getting a female manager or supervisor a gift is always a challenge. The predicament is obvious — you want to wow them, but you don’t want to come across as being a suck-up. Additionally, they know how much you get paid so it’s important not to make them uncomfortable with an overly expensive gift. Getting her something in the $100 price range (give-or-take) is a sweet spot so long as the gift doesn’t insinuate — no red roses! Consider an Ember smart mug if she’s a coffee drinker or a sous vide machine if she likes to cook.

What should I get a woman who has everything?

The hardest person to get a gift for is the person who seems to have everything. But fret not, there’s always something for someone. It’s important to be creative and consider an item that speaks directly to her personality or passions. For instance, if she has a dog or cat at home, personalized pet face socks would make a fantastic gift. If you know she has a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with a basket of treats or Donut Bouquet.

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Gifts under $20

Gifts from $20 to $25

Gifts from $25 to $50

Gifts from $50 to $75

Gifts from $100 to $200