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Atlas Tea Club is a subscription service that curates the world’s best coffee and delivers it to your door each month.



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Atlas Tea Club offers a monthly subscription service that curates the world’s very best tea. You’ll be able to sip an exotic blend each month without leaving home!

If you are a tea drinker, the subscription service options might seem underwhelming. But that’s no longer the case with Atlas Tea Club on the scene. Check out our Tea Clubs page to compare and read reviews of our favorite tea clubs!

Disclosure: Atlas Tea Club sent me a free box. But I share my honest opinions in this review. 

What is Atlas Tea Club?

Here’s what Atlas Tea Club delivers to your door:

I’m exclusively a tea lover who drinks anywhere from 1 to 5 cups of tea a day. One of the highlights of any trip is to a local tea shop. So, I can honestly say I enjoyed my Atlas tea experience.  

How Atlas Tea Club Works

Atlas Tea Club starts by asking about your tea drinking preferences. You’ll be able to choose between caffeinated and caffeine-free options. Plus, you can narrow your selections further by choosing between green or black tea. 

Personally, I chose a mix of green and black tea. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a box with two bags of tea every four weeks. 

When the tea arrives at your doorstep, it will be fresh. That means it hasn’t been sitting around on a shelf forever. And you’ll know that the leaves were ethically sourced from a single country. 

The loose leaf tea arrives in beautifully designed bags inspired by the country of the month. I pulled out the postcard first to admire the beautiful scenery of Sri Lanka. 

Beyond a fitting postcard, the box includes a beautiful notecard with a brief history of tea production in the country. By reading the postcard, you’ll find out more about where your tea came from. The background information puts you in the right mood to enjoy your exotic cup. 

And of course, you’ll find two bags of tea waiting for your approval. Each bag includes details about what tasting notes to expect. Plus, you’ll find detailed preparation instructions. 

When you are ready to make a cup, Atlas has thoughtfully provided recyclable tea filters for the loose leaves. As you sip, you can take in the patterns inspired by the country and enjoy the exotic flavor. The materials provided will help you form a connection with the country that created your perfect cup of tea. 

Atlas Tea Club Pricing

Atlas Tea Club is relatively affordable for this premium experience. After all, this is a fun splurge. 

You’ll pay $14 for two pouches of tea. Each pouch should make around 30 cups of tea. So, that dollar amount will lead to around $40 cups. Unless you decide to go for a stronger steep, in that case, you’d get fewer cups out of the deal. 

You can skip, pause or cancel your subscription anytime. So, there’s no need to feel locked into this. However, you can choose to go with a gift set option if you aren’t ready to commit to a monthly cost. 

If you go with the gift option, you’ll get:

And there’s nothing to say you can’t purchase this for the other tea lovers in your life! It could be a fun way to go on a journey through tea of the world together. 

My Favorite Part Of Atlas Tea Club

My Atlas Tea Club was a true delight. As a tea drinker, I’ve long been disappointed that most drink subscription services seem to center around coffee. But that’s no longer the case!

Atlas Tea Club delivered a top-notch tea experience. The attention to detail and thoughtful display of these delicious teas allowed me to create a pleasant moment without leaving my home. If you are anything like me, as you sip your tea, your mind might just wander off to consider planning an exotic trip to a beautiful tea-producing country in the near future. 

Personally, I’d recommend Atlas Tea Club to tea drinkers everywhere! Ready to give it a try?  Sign up here.

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Atlas Tea Club: Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are included in the tea?

When you subscribe to Atlas Tea Club you can select between pure teas like black, green & oolongs, or herbal blends with ingredients like rooibos, hibiscus, ginger, and many others.

Where does Atlas Tea Club get its tea?

The beauty of Atlas Tea Club is that it sources tea from all around the world. When a box of tea arrives, you’ll find information about the source country and its history. 

Are there caffeine-free options?

When you order from Atlas Tea Club, you can select an herbal tea selection that only includes caffeine-free options. Or you can select a subscription that curates caffeinated tea. 

Are tea blends available? 

The herbal tea box features herbal tisanes and calming caffeine-free blends.

How long will the tea stay fresh?

The tea is delivered in airtight pouches that will protect the tea for up to a year or longer. But Atlas Tea Club recommends using the tea you receive within six months to enjoy its peak freshness. 

Can I give this subscription as a gift?

You have the option to send Atlas Tea Club as a gift to the tea lover in your life. When you go with the gift option, you’ll only be charged once for a set number of months upfront.