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Atlas Coffee Colombia Andean Region Blend

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on December 02, 2022

Atlas Coffee Colombia Andean Region Blend 

A great cup of coffee starts with quality soil, growers who know the land, and the right roast. Like wine, the flavor of your coffee will be impacted by the amount of sunlight and water that is delivered to the plants at particular points in the growing season. 

Who is Atlas?

Atlas Coffee Club was established to study and share the story of coffees from all around the world. If you love coffee, travel and want to dig into those beans, you can learn 

  • where your favorite beans were grown
  • who picked them
  • where they were processed
  • the roasting site and process

Since coffee beans are often grown in some gorgeous country with consistent temperatures and mountains to boot, coffee-based travel advice from Atlas is worth taking.

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Why Choose Atlas?

Coffee is sensitive to time, temperature and light. When you buy from Atlas, you will be able to sign up for a subscription that sends you a curated collection of coffee from all around the world. It may be tempting to choose a favorite, but keep an open mind; next month may be better.Your curated kit will be delivered on your schedule and include: 

  • coffee, roasted to your taste and ground or whole bean as you prefer
  • a postcard from the new country of origin
  • tasting notes and tips for best brewing

Even the coffee bag designs are tied to the region where the coffee is grown. 

What Makes the Colombia Andean Region Blend Special

The Colombia Andean Region is ideally suited for growing coffee. Because this stretch of mountain ridges is near the equator, it is humid. Moisture off the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the north increases the cloud cover of the area and terraced farming has been used for generations. In addition to coffee, many grains are grown on the high terraced farming plots.This part of the world is also cool. Because the elevation is so high, the temperatures seldom get into the tropical range found at the shore. The regions of Caldas and Tolima are quite popular and are just a few of the included in the coffee axis.The Andean Ridge runs all the way down the western coast of South America. However, the nation of Colombia has made good use of the tropical temperatures that make it possible to grow a variety of plants on the high terraces near the west coast of the country.Because there are so many regions in the coffee axis, the blend options from this region offer endless variety. While the soil is generally acidic thanks to ancient volcanic activity, you may find that coffee grown in the northern regions, such as the Colombian Sierra Nevada, you may enjoy a nutty, chocolate flavor.As you move into the central coffee producing region, you may enjoy a more caramel flavor. This is the largest region of Colombian coffee growing and is known for producing the traditional Colombian flavor.The southern regions of Cauca and Huila are known for a fruitier, more acidic coffee. This region enjoys a larger range of temperature from day to night, and the beans ripen more slowly over the growing season. Not only is this coffee more acidic, but the fragrance is quite remarkable in comparison to coffee grown further to the north.The coffee grown on the eastern edge of the Andean ridge receives less rain, but also undergoes a smaller temperature range. There are not many growers in this region, and the coffee that they grow tends to have a mild, nutty flavor.

Expand Your Palate

The blends available from the Atlas Coffee Store will give you the chance to study coffee from the moment you open the bag. The aroma of your coffee upon opening, the sheen on the beans, the feel as you grind the beans, the aroma when you add heat, and finally the flavor will all make it easier to connect with the world around you. This is also a great chance to change up your favorite roasts and recipes. Many coffees lend themselves to a dark roast, but the nuttier coffees of the northern Colombian growing region may be more flavorful with a medium or even a mild roast. Each blend and roast choice gives you the option to try a new set of flavor parameters, new recipes and new brewing methods.The world runs on coffee. In a time when there are a lot of variables getting in the way of your travel goals, the ability to celebrate a new region with your morning brew can be quite exciting. Join the Atlas club and start your day with a new perspective! Check out our full reviews on the best coffee clubs

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