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Free Your Tea is a customized tea subscription service that tailors teas to subscribers' interests and tea ratings. The teas are high-quality loose leaf teas from tea farms located all over the world. The mission is that everyone should discover and enjoy new favorite teas.

Their tailored tea presents are the ideal tea gifts for tea enthusiasts since they adapt tea to their tastes based on their tea preferences and tea ratings. They are also the most straightforward tea presents to give: To schedule the gift notice with your gift message, all that is required is their email address.

The Free Your Tea Subscription Box is an excellent opportunity to try out new teas. You provide an evaluation on Free Your Tea's website once a month after receiving your tea. Based on your response, Free Your Tea will select the teas that they believe you would find the most enjoyable.

Continue reading to find out if the Free Your Tea subscription box is suitable for you! Check out our Tea Clubs page to compare and read reviews of our favorite tea clubs!

Free Your Tea History

Knud Berthelsen, the founder of Free Your Tea, founded the company to close the gap between high-quality teas cultivated in regions such as India and China and tea enthusiasts worldwide.

As a tea fan, he was disappointed by how much more difficult it is to identify and taste good quality teas than, say, specialty coffee or craft beer.

He wanted to provide everybody the option to branch out from the typical teas sold in bags and boxes at the grocery store and find new favorite teas.

What You Will Get

A Free Your Tea Box contains 4 or 6 full size (2 oz) bags. Depending on the strength of which brew tea, each envelope includes enough tea for approximately 20-30 cups of tea . Each envelope contains tasting notes as well as brewing directions for that particular tea. There are also cards in the box with directions for cold brew iced tea and instructions for evaluating your teas so that future boxes may be tailored to your preferences. All of their teas are chosen to be great both hot and cold. I have yet to try their teas chilled because I prefer hot tea, but I'm sure it's just as great.

You'll continue to score the teas you receive each month, and Free Your Tea will have more and more data to use to bring you teas you're likely to enjoy. Because the tea is loose, you will need to use an infuser or strainer to brew it. The first subscription box includes disposable paper strainers.

In my shipment, I received: Rosy Earl Grey, Sweet Jasmine Green (green tea), Classic Assam #6, Lemon Verbena #1 (Caffeine-Free), Fruity Red (hibiscus, Caffeine-Free), and Fruit +Floral Blend (herbal, Caffeine-Free). Please keep in mind that I took the quiz so my shipment was 100% based on my preferences. Tea preferences are incredibly unique, which is precisely the goal of Free Your Tea! You may despise something I enjoy, and vice versa, which is why it is so important that you let them know your tastes and score each tea you sample.

Free Your Tea Pricing

Depending on your subscription plan, the prices can average anywhere from $16 to $30 each month. It's far cheaper to join up for a year and only be charged quarterly compared to buying month to month.

Shipping within the US is always included, and you'll get 50-100 drawstring bags with each box.

Free Your Tea Pros and Cons



My Favorite Part Of Free Your Tea

I love how Free Your Tea provides such a terrific approach for choosing teas that YOU would enjoy. They do ask for your choices right away, but they don't stop there. Not every one of the teas I got tasted the way I expected them to. This is why I liked that they ask for your feedback on each tea they send you, allowing them to figure out what you'll really enjoy. You never know, you could find a new love.

Why Free Your Tea?


They use your tea ratings and preferences to help discover your favorite teas, and deliver them to your door.


Free Your Tea works with suppliers to ensure the teas are grown and processed in sustainable ways.

High Quality

Free Your Tea  source teas from wherever the best teas are to be found, like China and India. They work hard seeking out the freshest and highest quality tea possible so that they can bring it to your doorstep.

Bottom Line

As a huge tea lover, it's great to see companies like Free Your Tea working so hard to produce such high-quality teas that are barely processed to allow the genuine flavor of the tea to show through the brew. Free Your Tea genuinely cares about your likes and dislikes. It's clear that they put so much love and passion in their work. Any true tea enthusiast will be overjoyed to try so many new tastes in each shipment, and they'll love seeing their favorites grow even more refined as the subscription unfolds. If you're looking for a dependable tea club, Free Your Tea is an excellent choice.

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