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Art of Tea features one of the more thorough tea clubs where you can try every flavor of tea. It will begin by asking you or the tea drinker you are gifting a brief tea profile quiz, which will gather information such as when you drink tea and flavor preferences and dislikes.

You may then pick between five distinct tea subscription options:  Caffeine Free, Classic, Single Origin, Explore, and Pyramid Sachet. You may also choose from three-month, six-month, or 12-month plans to suit both casual tea consumers and tea connoisseurs.

Each monthly tea box featured only one variety of tea, which was chosen based on your quiz results. Each month, 2 to 4 ounces of tea will be supplied along with information to help you delve further into the vast world of tea. Teas are chosen seasonally, and each month you will receive a new fresh tea or flavored tea.

Be mindful that Art of Tea distributes a varying quantity of tea based on your tea club choices (single-origin, classic, or tea bags), but the costs remain the same. If you don't want to subscribe, there's also a large shop with teas and tea-related things. Check out our Tea Clubs page to compare and read reviews of our favorite tea clubs!

Art of Tea History

Do you ever wonder where your tea came from when you sip a cup? Art of Tea values the history of their beloved beverage and wishes to share their expertise with all other tea enthusiasts. Tea is rich in culture and history all around the world; discover more about its roots and history to broaden your horizons!

Steve Schwartz, the founder of Art of Tea, entered the tea industry after studying preventative medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute. He also journeyed throughout Asia and Africa to learn more about different brews and to build partnerships with producers.

Steve started the Los Angeles-based brand in 2004, crafting mixes in his own bedroom. Since then, the brand has expanded to become one of the market leaders in made - to - order teas.

Yearly, Steve travels throughout the world in search of new teas. Through its thorough care program and tight connections with distributors, Art of Tea can assure that its goods are produced ethically.

How Art of Tea Works

After you pay for the subscription 2-4 ounces of seasonally selected loose leaf teas (or 12 teabags) will be shipped to the designated address each month.

You can choose from five different types of subscriptions:

Caffeine-Free: Delicious and healthy herbal and botanical fusions that are naturally free of caffeine.

Classics: All types of teas from the collection of most popular classics by Art of Tea.

Single-Origin: Includes only the finest and rarest single-origin teas from around the world. For the true connoisseurs!

Explore: Offers your taste buds a wide variety of exotic teas and blends.

Pyramid Tea Bags: The most convenient option to brew a cup without any equipment at home, in the office, or while traveling.

Caffeine-free includes herbal and botanical infusions. Classic includes a selection of their most popular alternatives. Single Origin allows you to find unique, high-quality teas, whereas Explore takes you on a global taste trip. Pyramid Tea Bags offers eco-friendly sachets that are ideal for a hectic schedule!

Art of Tea Pricing

Whether you opt for a tea of the month subscription or a one-time order, you should expect to pay between $11 and $58 for some simple but tasty teas. The prices are for 4 oz bags, which brews approximately 60 cups of tea.

Art of Tea also offers a Loyaltea rewards program. Join them and you'll get even more perks in addition to their affordable pricing.

A three-month subscription is $81, six months is $133 and 12 months costs $254.

After you place your order, you will be given a tracking number that will allow you to monitor your shipment. The Art of Tea logo represents the delivery fee on orders over $60 inside the continental United States.

Considering purchases from the Art of Tea are hand-packed and hand-shipped to assure optimal freshness, the processing period before shipment is 3-5 business days. It should be noted that this period might be extended up to 14 days on special occasions such as holidays or product releases.

Shipping times vary based on location; all items are shipped from their headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Art of Tea Pros and Cons



Bottom Line

I had a great time using this subscription service and can't wait to see what more is in store for me in future shipments. It's been a great opportunity for me to test an extensive variety of teas. When it comes to tea selection, I am convinced that Art Of Tea understands the task at hand.

Art of Tea offers a diverse selection of premium teas. Whether Earl Grey or the finest Pu Erh is your choice of tea, Art of Tea can satisfy your craving! Art of Tea is ideal for anybody searching for a monthly surprise gift of hand-selected premium grade teas.

Art of Tea's Tea of the Month Club is a fantastic opportunity to try different teas, and I am delighted to be a member. I recommend that you give it a shot as well!

What do you think of the Art of Tea Subscription Box? Would you subscribe?

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