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Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription service that curates the world's best coffee and delivers it to your doorstep.

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If you're a coffee lover, you've probably heard of Atlas Coffee Club. This popular coffee subscription service delivers freshly roasted beans from around the world straight to your doorstep. Founded in 2015, Atlas Coffee Club has quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality coffee and unique approach to showcasing different coffee-growing regions. I’m so glad that I was able to try out their services.

With Atlas Coffee Club, you can take a trip around the world just by savoring a cup of their coffee. The company offers an impressive collection of curated single-origin coffees sourced from over 50 countries worldwide. From Tanzania to Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica to Malawi, Atlas Coffee Club provides a diverse range of flavors and aromas to explore.

The subscription service offers a variety of plans, including a single-origin coffee plan, a World Tour plan that features coffees from different countries each month, and a decaf plan. Each bag of coffee comes with information about its origin, tasting notes, and brewing tips. Customers can choose between whole bean or ground coffee and can customize their subscription to fit their preferences.

One of the standout features of Atlas Coffee Club is its focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. The company works directly with farmers and cooperatives to ensure fair wages and sustainable practices. They also prioritize eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping. With its commitment to quality, education, and ethical sourcing, it's no wonder that Atlas Coffee Club has become a favorite among coffee enthusiasts. Looking for the best coffee? Check out the best coffee subscriptions here.

Continue reading to find out if the Atlas Coffee Club subscription box is suitable for you!

Atlas Coffee Club History

Atlas Coffee Club, created in 2015 by Michael Shewmake and Jon Weirman, is a coffee subscription business. Shewmake had the concept for the company while traveling through Panama and tasting coffee from various places. He recognized that most Americans were losing out on the diverse flavors and stories behind coffee from around the world.

Shewmake partnered with Weirman, who had a background in coffee roasting, to start Atlas Coffee Club. The objective of the company was to highlight coffee from various nations and connect buyers with the farmers who grow the beans.

Atlas Coffee Club has subsequently grown in popularity among coffee enthusiasts who value the company's dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. Aside from subscription programs, the company has expanded its services to include coffee making equipment, accessories, and gift sets.

Atlas Coffee Club is still expanding its reach today, collaborating with farmers and cooperatives from over 50 countries. Atlas Coffee Club is much more than a coffee subscription service, with a focus on education, community, and discovery. It's a global voyage through the world of coffee.

How It Works

Each month, you’ll receive a bag of coffee curated by Atlas that highlights the unique flavors from a specific country. These bags contain specialty grade, single-origin, sustainably farmed beans or grounds with their own flavor, a result of the conditions in which it was grown (soil, climate, elevation, harvest time, etc). 

Atlas Coffee Club sources beans grown at a high altitude, hand-picked when they are perfectly ripe, and carefully roasted to showcase their unique sweetness, tasting notes, and flavor profile. 

Wondering how those delicious nuances change from country to country? It’s thanks to factors like climate, soil, and processing that make coffee from each country have unique regional flavors. With Ethiopian coffees, expect notes of berries and red fruit; brew a batch from Indonesia and you'll pick up on earthier, herbal notes; sip on a Guatemalan brew to enjoy a rich, chocolatey sweetness.

Something else equally important: the coffee you’ll be enjoying is sustainably grown and ethically sourced. Atlas always pays their farmer partners above fair trade prices, so these farmers can continue to invest in their crops and communities and grow high quality coffee year after year. 

The coffee delivered to you is fresh -- beans are roasted to order to ensure you receive the freshest batch.

Atlas sends you coffee in a beautiful and uniquely-designed vibrant bag that reflects and celebrates the country’s culture, wildlife, landscapes, and textiles. Just looking at the patterns and colors inspired by the country helps you connect with the rich heritage.

What You Will Get

Getting this incredible and fresh coffee is also affordable. Atlas offers three different subscription models:

No matter how much you order, you’ll only have to pay a flat shipping fee of $4.95 -- and you can skip, cancel, or change your shipping frequency at any time.

After you place your first order, you’ll be automatically enrolled in a rewards program that allows you to earn points based on the number of countries you’ve received coffee from, how far the coffee has traveled, any referrals made, and gifts bought for family and friends. 

Atlas makes the subscription process easy -- you can even personalize your coffee preferences! Need beans more than once a month because you just love fresh coffee? You can set your schedule to have bags delivered every two to four weeks. Have a favorite roast? You can choose that too -- light-to medium, medium-to-dark, or all roast types. You can even pick the grind -- whole bean or ground bags.

Atlas Coffee Club Pricing

For a monthly fee as low as $9, Atlas Coffee Club provides a delightful package of freshly roasted, single-origin, specialty-grade coffee right to your doorstep. Say goodbye to stale beans that have been sitting on shelves for months. Each package includes a postcard featuring an image of the country where the coffee is sourced, along with information on the region's coffee history. Moreover, you'll receive a detailed description of the coffee's unique tasting notes, which may include a range of flavors such as chocolate, black tea, blueberry, honey, strawberry, and fig. With over 800 aromatic and flavor notes in specialty coffee, there's always something new to discover.

In addition, the package includes brewing tips for the perfect cup, such as which brewing device to use. As a coffee enthusiast, you will appreciate the range of flavors and aromas that Atlas Coffee Club provides. No two bags of beans have the same flavor profile, and you'll get the chance to sample coffee from regions you might not have considered before.

Atlas Coffee Club is an excellent way to explore unique micro-lot coffees from around the world that you won't find elsewhere. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home.

Full disclosure: It's worth noting that Atlas Coffee Club provided the reviewer with several bags of coffee to try, but the opinions expressed are entirely their own.

Atlas Coffee Club Pros and Cons

Atlas Coffee Club has both pros and cons to consider for potential subscribers. Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind:



My Favorite Part Of Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club provided me with excellent service. As a coffee enthusiast, I was delighted to discover a firm that provides outstanding, single-origin coffee beans without needing me to leave my house.

The Atlas Coffee Club exceeded my expectations by providing an amazing coffee experience. The thorough attention to detail and aesthetic presentation of the delicious coffee allowed me to have a joyful moment without having to leave the house. If you enjoy coffee as much as I do, you'll appreciate the authenticity of the tasting notes presented. If tea is more of your liking, they also have an Atlas Tea Club!

Personally, I’d recommend Atlas Coffee Club to coffee drinkers everywhere! Ready to give it a try?  Sign up here.

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