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on December 02, 2023

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Coffee clubs are an excellent way for you to try a variety of specialty beans and roasts from around the world. These are usually single-origin, although a few companies may offer blends. 

There’s something for you no matter the niche and whatever you are looking for, a coffee club subscription can make it easy to find the right one for you: whether it’s a specific blend or flavor, a variety of roasts each time, charitable causes, fair-trade coffees, rare coffees, decaf coffees, specialty flavor notes, or even the perfect gift for family and friends. 

Some coffee club subscriptions even let you try a different style of brew, such a cold brew subscription, which is perfect for summer. With most, you can be as adventurous as you’d like and try different roasts and blends. 

With many coffee clubs, you can also set a schedule for delivery. Drink coffee more than once a day? You can have some fresh beans delivered weekly. Or if you prefer, you can have beans or grounds delivered once or twice a month. Most of these have flexible plans and even let you make a one-time purchase. 

Below are our top subscription Coffee Clubs and everything you need to know about them. 

Atlas Coffee Club

Price: $9+

Atlas Coffee Club lives up to its name by importing coffees from 50+ countries (like Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Tanzania), and delivering single-origin, micro-lot coffees right to your doorstep. 

Rather than focusing on preferred flavor profile, Atlas focuses on sending you freshly-roasted coffee from a new country each month. You only need to choose one of three roast options, whether you prefer ground or whole beans, the size of the bag (starting at 6 oz), and delivery schedule. 

Your grounds and beans are delivered in beautifully-designed bags that reflect the textiles and scenery local to that region. Also inside the box are a country card and postcard containing flavor notes and brewing tips. 

All of the coffee is grown by independent coffee roasters and it’s a great way to explore coffee from around the world. 


Price: $8 (for trial), $12+ after

Driftaway Coffee focuses on fresh and personalized coffee sourced from around the world and delivered directly to your doorstep only two days after being roasted. 

One unique aspect about Driftaway is that they connect you to coffee farmers, allowing you to give feedback and learn about the coffee growing process, and supporting their livelihood.

You’ll initially receive four two-ounce bags of various single-origin coffee, which you can then taste and rate on an online member portal so Driftaway can send you the coffees you like in the future. You can also choose to try a cold brew subscription, which is perfect for those summer months!

Driftaway is an extremely customizable coffee club subscription that allows your taste preferences to dictate what coffee you receive in a future shipment. 

Bean Box

Price: $17+

Bean Box allows you to taste Seattle’s best roasters. With each delivery, you’ll receive a box of whole bean roasts that comes with roaster profiles, brewing tips, tasting notes, and even an artisan chocolate. 

Bean Box offers two types of subscriptions: 

  • Coffee of the Month Club: At $69 for three months, you’ll receive 12 ounces of hand-picked, freshly-roasted whole bean coffee with your preferred roast -- light, medium, dark, espresso, or decaf. You’ll also receive artisanal chocolate along with brewing tips and tasting notes.
  • Bean Box Coffee Sampler: For $24/month (with shipping included), you’ll receive a variety pack of coffee -- four 1.8 ounce bags of coffee (whole beans or grounds) in the type of roast you prefer from one of the 5 Pacific Northwest roasters. If you enjoy the samples, you can buy it in a larger bag; however, you aren’t tied to it and you can even change your selection in the future. You can also pause or skip deliveries anytime. 

Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Price: $34+

Lady Falcon Coffee Club is a San Francisco-based independent specialty coffee and cascara tea service that is woman-owned, founded, run, and roasted. It’s a service that reflects and supports women -- it even has stylish, pastel pink bags with a wax seal. 

Lady Falcon Coffee Club is eco-friendly, made in the US, and small batch. Rather than sticking to single-origin coffees -- which has been extremely popular as of late -- Lady Falcon experiments with different coffee blends to create its own flavor profile. 

Trade Coffee

Price: $13+

Trade has over 400 different coffees from over 50 roasters, and it makes it easy to find what you're looking for, simply by using the website's coffee quiz to find the ideal roast profile.

You can get two 12-ounce bags of coffee for $25, or a single bag for $15 to $22. In addition to choosing your preferred roast, Trade offers fresh ground coffee and lets you pick your favorite brew method in order to send you the right grind size. You can even sign up for a personalized cold brew subscription.


Price: $11+

You won't find a bigger selection of coffee anywhere else -- MistoBox offers over 500 coffees from 50+ roasters, so there is something for everyone. Additionally, the coffee quiz is extremely thorough, so you'll be matched with the best coffee for you. MistoBox not only sends you the coffee of your choice, but the email of a coffee curator who can help you make a selection the following month.

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