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Lady Falcon Coffee Club is a coffee producer, roaster, and delivery service based out of the historic Ocean Beach neighborhood in San Francisco. It’s a woman-owned, small batch, and eco-friendly coffee company. 

Founder Buffy Maguire was inspired to name her business after the women in the Falcon Ladies’ Bicycling Club, who rebelled against convention and the strict dress codes of the late 1800s by riding bicycles, an act that was considered revolutionary at the time; the branding that represents freedom and breaking free from restrictions -- a perfect way to honor their legacy. 

While looking into specialty coffee, she realized that it was very much a male-dominated industry and faced frequent dismissal and difficulty breaking into the space. Even now, there are very few roasters who are women -- less than 13%. Her goal was to create an inclusive company and develop a unique roast, and it’s woman-owned and woman-run and roasted. 

Maguire eventually acquired a high-grade roaster -- a cast iron vintage German model called Probat, which is ideal for an earthy flavor -- and began trying out different roasts -- light, dark, and everything in between, before finally achieving her desired flavor profiles and recruiting a loyal customer base. Check out our Coffee Club page to compare and read reviews of our favorite coffee clubs!

Lady Falcon’s roasts are unique blends of single-origin coffees, which is somewhat unique in the specialty coffee world -- most roasters usually offer only single-origin coffee. 

For example, the Epic blend combines three different single-origin beans from Ethiopia to create a unique and interesting flavor profile, even with beans from the same region.

Presentation is also important for Lady Falcon: the packaging is unique and reflects femininity with its pastel pink color, Alphonse Mucha-inspired goddess, and gorgeous wax seal. 

In addition to crafting roasts, Lady Falcon also offers cascara tea -- a delicious beverage rich in antioxidants. 

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