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MistoBox is a coffee subscription service that offers hundreds of coffees and works with a large range of roasters. Below, we break down if it’s the right coffee subscription for you -- what it is, pros, cons, pricing, and more.

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MistoBox is a coffee subscription that offers an enormous selection of coffee, and it’s perfect for coffee lovers who love trying new things and still get their preferred type of coffee. 

MistoBox works with over 50 artisan coffee roasters, which is why they can offer hundreds of different coffees and includes some of the best roasters in the industry, such as Coava, Intelligentsia, Onyx, and Verve. 

Because of the vast quantity of coffee available, the easiest way for you to discover your preferred coffees is to try the MistoBox discovery box, which has coffee samples to help you find your favorite brews -- and once you’ve discovered your preferences, you can order your favorite batches. Check out our Coffee Clubs page to compare and read reviews of our favorite coffee clubs!

To discover your best matches, you can take an initial quiz that asks about the following:

Once you’ve entered your information, you can access the subscriber dashboard, which allows you to view and rate the coffee you’ve received, change shipping dates, and more. 

Browsing the large variety of coffee on MistoBox’s website is easily done by using filters and searches. You can add any coffees you are interested in to the Brew Queue (which you can rearrange if wanted) and let each shipment of coffee eventually work its way down the queue. (Not sure what to get? MistoBox even has a personal coffee curator to explain artisan coffee!)

You can choose ground coffee or whole beans, and then set your delivery schedule for every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks. Once you’ve done that, you’ll automatically be delivered your next coffee on the schedule you set up. However, you can change your preferred delivery schedule or pause your subscription any time you want -- you can visit MistoBox’s site or download the MistoBox skill to have Alexa update your schedule with a voice command.

Once you purchase a MistoBox subscription, you’ll be matched with a coffee curator who uses their expertise to help you find your favorite flavors and brews and will even pick a coffee for you. They will send you an email after notifying you of their choice (which you can change if you prefer). It’s the perfect way to find coffee by talking to someone who is well-informed on the subject.

MistoBox roasts your beans before shipping to ensure that you receive the freshest batch, and even has an inner plastic bag that is easy to reseal to keep as fresh as possible. (Shipping time depends on the distance from you and the roaster’s schedule.) Each box contains a 12-ounce bag of coffee, which makes around 24 cups of coffee. 

MistoBox delivers its coffee in a small box with personalized packaging and comes with a note with information on the roaster, the region where the beans were grown, detailed tasting notes, a stamped roast date, and brew recommendations. It even includes the name and email of your curator so you can ask any questions you have directly. 

Looking for the perfect gift for family and friends? MistoBox even offers gift subscriptions of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months with personalized packaging and the option of choosing the coffee for the recipient. 

Fun fact: MistoBox was on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban even made a deal with the company. We think that’s a pretty great tell of the product and its quality. 




Coffee subscriptions start at $10.95 + shipping. You can choose between the Basic tier or Deluxe tier, and choose a coffee plan -- Pay Per Coffee ($14.95/bag), 6 Coffee Plan, or 12 Coffee Plan (the latter two which have discounts based on your previous choices). 

MistoBox charges $17 to $23 per bag (depending on the roast) and shipping is an additional $5 per shipment.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to variety and options, we think MistoBox can’t be beaten. It’s perfect for those who want to find their best coffee matches out of the 50 artisan roasters and hundreds of available brews, due to the user-friendly site, filter and search features, and live coffee curator. 

Pricing options are flexible and affordable and while you can only order one bag size at the moment, you’re guaranteed to receive fresh coffee delivered directly to your door on your schedule. 

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