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Expert Rating


39 Reviews

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Ready To Try Some Of The Best Kona Coffee From Hawaii? Big Island Roasters offers a unique narrative about transforming a modest, run-down coffee plantation into an award-winning roastery. In fact, this brand has earned more honors than any other Hawaii specialty roaster. And, considering the state's reputation for producing unique coffee, it is not that easy to do. A great part service that Big Island Roasters offers is a subscription option.

Big Island is an environmentally aware company. They work hard to source sustainable coffee via local Hawaiian growers and operate entirely on renewable energy. They provide fair prices to local farmers and donate to wildlife rescue and habitat restoration groups.

Take your taste buds on a tour to the island of Hawaii with new Hawaiian coffees every month. Experiencing the world's biggest choice of real Hawaiian coffees.

You'll get access to the world's largest selection of 100% Hawaiian coffees. Each month, members experience distinctive, new Hawaiian & Kona coffees ranging from Kona Red Bourbon to Kauai Yellow Caturra. Choose your preferred roast level and grind choice, and the featured Hawaiian coffees will come freshly roasted and tailored to your taste. If you decide to go the subscription route, shipping is always free, sent every four weeks, and arrives freshly roasted. 

How It Works

The Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club subscription is perfect for coffee lovers who are experimental, adventurous, and passionate about coffee, and eager to taste new and complex tastes.

Members of their Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club benefit from more than simply convenience. When you join up for this premium coffee subscription, you will have immediate access to fresh coffees from Hawaii each month and special brews that are not available to the general public. Members can expect:

One of the nicest features about Big Island Coffee Roasters is that you can order the exact coffee bean that you want! You could also build your own bundle or join the Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club. Considering this roaster's high standards, being able to taste these rare brews is incentive enough to subscribe. You may also change the roast level grind setting. You can either sign up for a three, six, nine, or twelve-month coffee subscription.

You may select your preferred roast degree and grind type, and the featured Hawaiian coffees will be freshly roasted to your preferences. Your purchase is delivered freshly roasted every four weeks. If you wish to add a month to your membership or skip a month, Big Island makes it simple to do so.




Big Island Coffee Roasters has demonstrated time and time again that they are no ordinary roaster. With all of the awards that they have won, I have no doubts that you will enjoy their coffee beans. This business has received more awards than almost any other specialty roaster in Hawaii. Whatever type of coffee drinker you are, their coffee is definitely worth your money.

With each subscription, you are able to select roasts from: light to medium, medium to medium dark, medium dark to dark, or Roaster's Choice / mixed. You can also select your desired grind type such as whole bean or drip grind.

Bottom Line

Hawaii's culture attracts millions of tourists each year. However, despite the present travel restrictions, there are still ways to support Hawaii businesses such as Big Island Coffee Roasters. Members of their Coffee Club subscription service can take full advantage of exclusive coffees and deals not accessible to the general public — all tailored to your preferred roast level and grind setting! Shipping is also free if you live in the United States. To help you get the most out of your coffee, Big Island offers an outstanding brewing guide that teaches you all you need to know about the various brewing techniques and how to make the most of them.

I would highly recommend checking out Big Island Coffee Roasters for their tasty coffee beans, eco-friendly practices, and informative packaging. You can decide between whole beans, multiple grind sizes, and more! If you truly appreciate Hawaiian coffee, it is definitely worth testing out their monthly subscription service to see which coffee beans will be next on your list.