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Looking to sample some of the best Kona coffee from Hawaii? Big Island Roasters has an intriguing story of turning a modest, rundown coffee plantation into an award-winning roastery. As the most distinguished Hawaii specialty roaster, they offer a unique service of monthly coffee subscriptions.

Big Island Roasters is committed to the environment, sourcing sustainable coffee from local Hawaiian growers, and running on renewable energy. They provide fair prices to local farmers and contribute to wildlife rescue and habitat restoration groups.

Experience a trip to Hawaii with your taste buds every month with the world's largest selection of 100% Hawaiian coffees. As a subscriber, you'll receive a range of freshly roasted and tailored Hawaiian and Kona coffees, including Kona Red Bourbon and Kauai Yellow Caturra, based on your preferred roast level and grind choice. Shipping is free for subscribers, with freshly roasted coffee delivered every four weeks. Continue reading below for my full review on Big Island Coffee Roasters as a whole! Check out our Coffee Club page to compare and read reviews of our favorite coffee clubs!

Big Island Coffee Roasters History

Big Island Coffee Roasters has an uncommon and distinct background. Kelleigh Stewart and Brandon von Damitz, a husband and wife duo with a passion for coffee and a vision for sustainability, started the company.

The story begins in 2010, when the two of them bought a neglected coffee farm on Hawaii's Big Island and began experimenting with roasting coffee beans. Their goal was to develop a high-quality, sustainable coffee brand that not only tastes delicious but also benefits the environment and the local population.

The business grew over time, and they opened a small coffee shop on the property. However, it wasn't until 2016 that they became well-known for its coffee. Big Island Coffee Roasters received the Good Food Award, which recognizes food producers who provide high-quality, environmentally friendly goods.

Since then, the company has received multiple coffee awards, including the Specialty Coffee Association's Coffee of the Year Award and the Hawaii Coffee Association's statewide cupping competition. Big Island Coffee Roasters is also noted for its distinctive coffee blends, such as their classic Espresso No. 9, which uses beans from their farm as well as other small, sustainable farms in Hawaii.

Big Island Coffee Roasters has become a well-known coffee company noted for its commitment to sustainability and its development of unique, high-quality coffee blends.

How It Works

The Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club subscription is perfect for coffee lovers who are experimental, adventurous, and passionate about coffee, and eager to taste new and complex tastes.

Members of their Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club benefit from more than simply convenience. When you join up for this premium coffee subscription, you will have immediate access to fresh coffees from Hawaii each month and special brews that are not available to the general public. Members can expect:

One of the nicest features about Big Island Coffee Roasters is that you can order the exact coffee bean that you want! You could also build your own bundle or join the Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club. Considering this roaster's high standards, being able to taste these rare brews is incentive enough to subscribe. You may also change the roast level grind setting. You can either sign up for a three, six, nine, or twelve-month coffee subscription.

You may select your preferred roast degree and grind type, and the featured Hawaiian coffees will be freshly roasted to your preferences. Your purchase is delivered freshly roasted every four weeks. If you wish to add a month to your membership or skip a month, Big Island makes it simple to do so.

What You Will Get

Big Island Coffee Roasters takes pride in packaging their coffee beans in high-quality bags that include essential information like tasting comments, roast dates, and processing techniques. While their Kona coffee may be a bit pricey, the quality of the beans and the company's commitment to sustainability make it a worthwhile gift or personal indulgence. However, if you want to try a few varieties first, you can create your bundles or sign up for the Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club.

The club offers access to the world's most extensive selection of 100% Hawaiian coffees, with new Hawaiian and Kona coffees available for members to try every month. You can choose your preferred roast level and grind type, and the featured Hawaiian coffees will be freshly roasted to your specifications. Your order will arrive every four weeks, with the flexibility to add or skip a month as needed, making it easy to manage your subscription.

Big Island Coffee Roasters Pricing

Big Island Coffee Roasters stands out from the competition with their outstanding roasting techniques and a deep-rooted devotion to quality. Their impressive list of awards attests to their expertise, and the flavor of their coffee beans will leave you speechless. Being one of Hawaii's most awarded specialty roasters, their reputation for producing great coffee is unmatched.

Whatever your preferences are, Big Island Coffee Roasters has a roast for you. Select from a variety of flavors, ranging from lighter notes in their light to medium roasts to richer and deeper flavors in their medium dark to dark roasts. If you're feeling daring, try their Roaster's Choice blend, which will introduce you to new and fascinating flavors with each cup.

Not only that, but you may further tailor your coffee experience by picking your preferred grind type. Big Island Coffee Roasters has you covered whether you prefer whole bean coffee for a freshly ground cup or drip grind for a simple brewing process. Each subscription includes a carefully designed blend of coffee beans that will take your taste buds on a trip of flavor and scent. Don't settle for subpar coffee; instead, invest in Big Island Coffee Roasters' superior quality.

Here are the pricing options for our premium coffee subscriptions, available in convenient 10 oz bags:

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and never run out of delicious coffee again! As a bonus, they offer free shipping on orders over $79 to all U.S. states. While orders under $79 ship via USPS for $6.95.

Big Island Coffee Roasters Pros and Cons



My Favorite Part Of Big Island Coffee Roasters 

I love to support Big Island Coffee Roasters because I know they connect the Hawaiian community together. Big Island Coffee Roasters' objective to develop and market their carefully grown Hawaiian coffee products is guided by three main values: quality, sustainability, and community. These pillars, which embody Hawaii's Aloha attitude, are important to the company's commitment to creating great, premium coffee choices.

The Hawaiian landscape is distinct from that of the mainland United States, and as the country's only island state, Hawaii's community is close-knit and dedicated to maintaining its distinctive resources and culture. Big Island Coffee Roasters' owners, Kelleigh and Brandon, realized the significance of this from the start and formed respectful relationships with neighboring farmers on Hawaii Island to extend their coffee-growing operations. The firm has become a vital part of the local community over the last decade, with Kelleigh and Brandon serving on the board of directors for the Hawaii Coffee Association and the company contributing a portion of its sales to marine wildlife rescue organizations.

After understanding this, I knew that this was a company that I would want to support. Not only do they provide great quality and tasting coffee, but their values are on another level as well! Sign up by clicking here.

Why Choose Big Island Coffee Roasters?

Big Island Coffee Roasters is a great choice for several reasons:

Overall, if you are looking for high-quality, sustainably produced coffee that is roasted with care and attention to detail, Big Island Coffee Roasters is an excellent choice.

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Bottom Line

As a coffee enthusiast, I strongly recommend Big Island Coffee Roasters. Every cup of coffee I've enjoyed from them has demonstrated their dedication to quality and sustainability. The limited edition coffees and uncommon mixes are always interesting for tasting, and the information they provide about the origin and roasting process of their beans is a nice touch. I also value their outstanding customer service and satisfaction guarantee. Give Big Island Coffee Roasters a try if you're looking for great coffee that's responsibly sourced and expertly roasted. You will not be let down. Check out these coffee company reviews if you were curious:

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